TODAY   |  October 08, 2013

Boy, 9, who flew to Vegas without ticket faces court

A 9-year-old boy who flew from Minneapolis to Las Vegas without a ticket faces a court hearing this afternoon. NBC's John Yang reports that new details are emerging on how he did it, including that he made a test run at the airport earlier in the week.

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>>> that hopped a plane from minneapolis to las vegas without a ticket. he'll be the focus of a court hearing this morning as authorities are still trying to figure out how that young boy managed to make it through security. john yang is in minneapolis for the latest. hi, john.

>> reporter: hey, matt. this morning, local, federal and airline officials are all reviewing their policies here at the airport. all because the 9-year-old got by them all. the young boy apparently skipped through security at the minneapolis airport with no ticket, no boarding pass, and no problems.

>> all of this since 9/11 has been to keep us safer and it has but still we have gaping holes and this was a perfect example of it.

>> reporter: it happened last week and we still don't know how the stowaway snuck on to the vegas bound delta flight.

>> i have an 8-year-old son. that freaked me out.

>> reporter: airport officials say the boy made a test run the day before arriving by light rail wednesday and grabbing a rand random bag off the baggage carousel . he told the waiter he had used the bathroom and was directed to a nearby concourse. the boy never came back leaving behind his lunch bill and the bag. the next time he is spotted that day he's on the light rail back toward minneapolis .

>> he had to be pretty smart and in the know.

>> reporter: airport official sas the next day the boy returned to the airport by light rail . he was screened by the tsa at one of the checkpoints and made his way to gate g 4 where he talked to a delta agent . while the agent was busy he walked down the jet way and boarded the flight to las vegas . delta airlines is working with authorities to find out what happened. and is reviewing our policies and procedures to make sure something like this does not happen again. sometime after take off a flight attendant became suspicious because he wasn't on a list of unattended my no, sinors. police met him in vegas. he is not being identified but he is well-known to local authorities . in the past he has stolen a car, snuck into a water park , and been the subject of a child protection investigation, matt.

>>> all right. john yang in minneapolis this morning. thank you so much.