TODAY   |  October 07, 2013

Living room makeover brings family closer together

HGTV’s Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott, unveil a freshly remodeled family room to the lucky Dusahj family of Mahopac, N.Y. The redesign was inspired by the new TODAY show studio, and emphasizes warm tones of yellow and orange, just in time for Thanksgiving!

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it's time for our big contest reveal from our designer, in honor of our big studio makeover last month we decided to give one of you a brand new renewed living room .

>> we received thousands but could owned choose one win around she is -- [ speaking at the same time ]

>> vera dushy.

>> anyway, new york. she and her family are blindfolded waiting to see their redesigned living room courtesy of hg-tv's jonathan and drew. hi, guys.

>> hey.

>> exciting. before you gis reveal, we want them to see, let's show everybody the old living room so we can live in history a minute. this is the old living room .

>> uh-huh.

>> all right. and now we're going to turn it over to the property brothers for the -- big reveal.

>> all right. they're excited. it's a little bit different. are you ready for this?

>> yes, yes. definitely.

>> on the count of three, see your new room. one, two, three -- open it up.

>> oh, my god.

>> oh --

>> wow.

>> what do you think?

>> it looks great.

>> oh, my god. look at this.

>> do you see any resemblance of your old place?

>> none at all.

>> look at this compared to what you are before.

>> it's beautiful.

>> ah, it's beautiful.

>> the biggest problem you guys have is a problem everybody has. it was so dark and it wasn't inviting. those couches were not comfortable. want a place where you can all get together. that's why we've put in all of these pieces, they're comfortable and look good.

>> how did you fit your whole family of six on the old sofas? you couldn't. so comfortable and all from the influence of the "today" show.

>> watching tv , it was so close together. this is amaize izing.

>> what does it mean to have something like this for your family. you have a beautiful family, you're a tight family and now you have a living room you can all enjoy.

>> it's very nice. it will keep us all together in one space. gorgeous. thank you very, very much.

>> vera, tell us your favorite part of the whole house? what do you love the most?

>> she's having trouble deciding.

>> i -- you know what? i really -- every area is, is a place to gather with the family. brings us closer.

>> that's exactly what you want. everything before, the wrong size of furniture pieces. pieces too big or too small. all the inspiration was pulled from the "today" show set. the color scheme . you are a family with personality.

>> yes.

>> and we also have this, two defined spaces. dining room and living room . that's what you no today have for your family.

>> right in time for thanksgiving.

>> there you go.

>> yes.

>> don't eat thanksgiving dinner on the sofa. all right?

>> that's the rule.

>> all right, guys. you guy, thank you, and thank you to the brothers.

>> we're happy for you.

>> thanks, brothers. thanks, guys.

>> bye!