TODAY   |  October 07, 2013

Celebrity baby boom reverberates across media

Chris Witherspoon, host of “The Dish” at, congratulates new mom Halle Berry on the birth of her son and shares a viral photo of Kim and Kanye’s baby North West as he recaps the week in celebrity news

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>>> we are back with "today's buzz." you cannot start your week without it.

>> newest celebrities making debut. chris witherspoon, if that's his real name.

>> it is.

>> all the scoop. entertainment editor and host of "the dish" at

>> start with miley. talking about her. quite a weekend.

>> yes. an amazing weekend. we saw her on "snl." i think she did a great job. really went out there and performed. that's what we know her form, a performer. a really tame show, nothing controversial. that's the dress she wore to the after-party. the same as for the wrecking ball but oversized shirt that showed all. you see the bra and panties. shear, with the paparazzi, you see all.

>> she knows exactly what she's doing.

>> knows what she's doing. she told matt she's the happiest she's ever been. a great start for the new chapter for miley, personally.

>> big weekend at the box office . "gravity."

>> way beyond expectations.

>> brought in $55.6 million. the highest grossing film for sond sandra bullock and george clooney .

>> word of mourning. huge, huge, from the beginning.

>> like hoetwollywood royalty. downey jr. almost got it, but he does too much ad-libbing. if you see it, these two are meant for this role. i think sandra might get an oscar nomination for this.

>> had it locked up until this.

>> i was breathless throughout the whole film.

>> the plot is what is she doing out there floating around?

>> basically. that's my whole thing. we were given legs to be here on the ground. i don't see why you need to be in space, but it's a --

>> they get untethered and -- what? 90 minutes trying to get back to the mother ship.

>> it, works. it works, though. one of those 3d films and it's bringing out a different demo that normally goes -- you see the film. that's great.

>> we have ever intention of seeing that, of seeing -- what was the other one that came out, phillips is that out?

>> yes. out this friday.

>> coming. i didn't miss that. all right.

>> still a great one, too.

>> good news for halle berry .

>> back on duty. halle berry , a 5-year-old daughter. gave birth over the weekend to a boy. her and her boyfriend a hot couple. halle's had a rough year fighting paparazzi. she won. there's a new bill. this go-around, an easier time being a mom and also doing a new tv show with steven spielberg . working, getting ready to make a move to tv.

>> hopefully found personal happiness as well.

>> married in july. 47. i their they're a great couple and get each other. they're both 47.

>> and speaking of babies. kim kardashian 's swaddled little bundle?

>> they are beautiful. people buzzing saying this might be the most beautiful baby in hollywood right now.

>> hold it. my kids are out there.

>> what's wrong with you, and becoming a kardashian. saying, look at this. look at this.

>> no. this baby is beautiful, and --

>> look at her.

>> only the second photo.

>> love that --

>> that plush back ground she's on, that little -- fur thing, whatever it is. the baby's beautiful. a great combination of kim and kanye. second time seen the baby since kanye debuted the baby on kris jenner 's talk show in june.

>> she's got -- a throw.

>> i want that for my house.

>> okay. very nice to see you.

>> thank you for the lovely