TODAY   |  October 07, 2013

Betting game wins bartender a $17,500 tip

A bartender in Springfield, Ore., has hit the jackpot. Aurora Kephart, 25, often received keno tickets in place of a tip from one of her patrons, and this time it paid off: The winning ticket brought in $17,500, which she insisted on sharing with the anonymous ticket donor.

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>>> you would do in this situation. a bar tender gets a tip from a regular customer that leaves her with keynote tickets which is essentially this is nothing. this is a piece of paper. in this case, one of the two tip tickets won $17,500 in the oregon lottery . the bartender said the look on the guy's face was incredible. i automatically handed it back to him and said this is your ticket keep it. but he insisted she keep the money but she did end up giving him a little cut.

>> that photo we showed you, that's not the patron. that's another patron at the bar. but that was the bartender. so the question is would you give the ticket back? would you take it back?

>> i would offer the guy the cut. they did the right thing.

>> she gave him a little bit of the percentage of the commission.

>> i'm going to start tipping at restaurants with keynote tickets.

>> that's how it works.

>> here's a scratch off. good