TODAY   |  October 07, 2013

TODAY’s Take: ‘SNL’ pokes fun at shutdown

TODAY’s Willie Geist, Natalie Morales and Al Roker chat about Elizabeth Smart’s amazing story of survival and “Saturday Night Live” making fun of the government shutdown over the weekend.

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>> announcer: rockefeller plaza .

>>> welcome to today on this monday morning, october 7th , 2013 inside studio 1 -a. i'm willie geist along with al roker and natalie morales .

>> miley monday.

>> miley mania on the "today" show. rock it out there.

>> it was great.

>> some of the interview with matt was fascinating wasn't it?

>> wow, yes.

>> let's just start with sex after 40.

>> should we set the record straight on this.

>> you're not quite 40 yet.

>> what's it like after 40?

>> how many years do you have to go?

>> i have two more years.

>> enjoy those two years.

>> it's the greatest 30 seconds you'll ever enjoy.

>> it's wrong. that's not true.

>> i'm kidding.

>> wrong, not true.

>> not true.

>> she talked to matt about the sinead o'connor. she attacked me but i'm used to it.

>> the foam finger thing came up. we'll never look at foam fingers the same after this.

>> you put snl together with her performance out there, through all the smoke and mirrors and everything she is really talented. she can sing and she can perform.

>> and we're talking about miley cyrus .

>> she will last because of her talent.

>> it's part of the strategic hot mess plan. we're still talking about her a month later.

>> we'll hear more from miley cyrus later in this hour. she will do a song from us as well.

>> terrific.

>> early on today savannah talked to elizabeth smart , this after friday when meredith did the one hour special. elizabeth was the kidnapping victim. the nine month ordeal. she has a book called "my story." she was 14 years old taken from her salt lake city bedroom in 2002 . she described her experience to savannah.

>> it was the scariest moment of my life. i mean, as far as 14 year olds go, i probably was on the naive side. i mean, i had lived a very sheltered life. so when i woke up in the middle of the night to see a strange man standing above my bed holding a knife at my neck, i just couldn't believe that it was real. i couldn't believe that this was happening to me. it was the scariest moment of my life. looking at him again and realizing that he no longer has any part of my life, and he will never control me ever again or make me feel bad ever again. that he no longer exists in my life.

>> yeah, and the other thing she said was --

>> so incredible.

>> talking about the idea that the greatest punishment for her abductor is that she is happy and living a fulfilled life was his life is over.

>> and she wanted to speak out now and she wrote this book just so that victims of these kinds of crimes realize that there is happiness. that you move forward. you move on in life and what an incredible young lady . it gives me goosebumps.

>> she is 25 and she is married and meredith went back with her to the place where she was taken when she was snatched from her bedroom and meredith said she was struck about her poise and her strength to be able to go there. didn't shed a tear. wanted to show how strong she was. she is an incredible young woman .

>> she doesn't want to remain a victim. she's a survivor.

>> she's more than a survivor.

>> incredible young woman .

>>> shutdown continues today. old story. 7th day of the shutdown. let's look at the bright side, the snl side.

>> there you go.

>> weekend update had an interesting take on the shutdowns winners and losers.

>> loser, john boehner , i feel sorry for you buddy. it's exhausting watching you trying to maintain your dignity while wrangling the tea party maniacs.

>> loser, the obama care website which had technical issues all week because of too much web traffic . you can't campaign on the fact that millions don't have health care and then be surprised that millions don't have health care . how could you not be ready? that's like 1-800-flowers getting caught off guard by valentine's day.

>> winner, canada , senator ted cruz was born in canada . so while we were worried about iran, china, and north korea , a canadian shutdown the u.s. government . well played, canada .

>> i love the 1-800-flowers line. that's a great line.

>> by the way, the pentagon on saturday said it would call most of it's 350,000 furloughed civilian workers back to their jobs saying they're allowed to consider them critical to protecting national security . a lot of them are going to get back pay. congress did the right thing and voted for that.

>> which brings us to the next story. talking about security.

>> what on earth -- did you hear about this, a 9-year-old kid, 9 years old gets through security at the minneapolis st. paul airport on to a delta flight, flies from the twin cities to vegas .

>> vegas , baby.

>> without a ticket, a boarding pass , gets through security gets through the gate and on the flight and arrives in las vegas . finally questioned and stopped in nevada because on the plane the flight attendant started to wonder is this kid.

>> he said his parents were toward the back.

>> couldn't find the parents. tsa said the child was screened along with other passengers to ensure he was not a threat to the aircraft. delta says we're investigating the situation and working with the authorities involved.

>> on the upside he gets frequent flyer miles .

>> can you imagine the phone call the parents got on that one. we have your 9-year-old. i can't imagine. i have a 9-year-old. he wouldn't even know what to do and certainly not think to go to las vegas .

>> yeah, maybe orlando.

>> the kid showed smarts going to vegas . i guess he took light rail to the airport. went through tsa. that's where it begins. you have to have a boarding pass .

>> i bet it was like a reverse of home alone . he probably got in with a family, you know, as they're going through. and of course you never check everybody and boom the kid is through and then probably sneaks on.

>> and i guess at the gate he said he waited until the attendants were distracted and said my parents were on a flight already. lots of questions still on this one for sure.

>> yeah.

>> and he won 50,000 at the tables.

>> yes he did. he paid for his flight home.

>> mike tyson is still looking for the tiger.

>> it's the next hangover movie. a little less edgy. we're excited about sochi. february next year. it's going to be great right here on the nbc family of networks.

>> february 7th .

>> got off to a rocky start. the olympic flame relay starts today but it arrived sunday morning where a ceremony was held. you notice there is no flame there. that's tun official torch relay .

>> a little wind gust coming out of the tunnel.

>> wait for the best part. he is looking at the crowd, does anybody have a lighter.

>> watch the guy come out with the zippo lighter .

>> got to have a light.

>> just the way the greeks imagined it all the years back.

>> there you go. thanks boris.

>> and flame back on.

>> flame on.

>> that's not the official flame, flame then if it went out. they had to relight it.

>> no, it's the lighter flame which will be forever remembered.

>> is that bad luck ? is that a sign?

>> it goes out all the time.

>> still not when you're going into the stadium. that's just not good.

>> you have to have one of those standing by.

>> i like the guy that's carrying it. he just keeps moving.

>> waiting for somebody with a lighter.

>> good thing that lighter was handy.

>> here i go. oh, epic fail .

>> he thinks it's coming back on at this point. is it there? no. anybody?

>> he's looking around.

>> i need a light.

>> come on, look, it's out. come on, no, seriously. come on.

>> anyone?

>> that is fantastic.

>> and so begin the sochi games.

>> oh, man.

>> it will go off without a hitch for sure.