TODAY   |  October 07, 2013

Miriam Carey’s sister: She was not delusional

Miriam Carey’s sisters, Amy Carey Jones and Valarie Carey, tell TODAY’s Matt Lauer that their sister was not delusional and never talked critically about President Obama. They believe Miriam was frightened after being surrounded by police near the White House last week and that her speeding off was a way to flee the confusion.

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>>> by two of miriam carey 's sisters, valley carey and amy carey -jones who are looking for answers in the death of their sister and they're joined by their attorney. thank you.

>> thank you.

>> my condolences on the loss of your sister . it's been a few days i'm sure you've asked yourselves a thousand questions trying to put this into perspective and try and figure out how it could have happened. have you come up with any answers?

>> we have not come up with any answers yet because we haven't been disclosed exactly what happened. we still haven't been properly notified and we're just trying to make sense of it. there is an investigation going on but we still have a lot of questions.

>> a lot of us have sat and seen footage of news breaking and tragedies occurring but for you to see this footage now of what happened, realizing it was your sister in that car, can you explain what it's like?

>> it's horrific. it's horrible to actually get phone calls from reporters as opposed to being notified by police personnel and being asked to turn on your tv to see a car that your sister drives and then to see your niece on the television and knowing that the person in the vehicle could only be your sister my niece would only be with my sister .

>> let me ask you about her mental health over these last several weeks, months, and perhaps years. federal officials involved in this investigation have said she your sister believed she was monitored by the president and her apartment was under surveillance. does any of that sound familiar to you?

>> no.

>> no. those things don't sound correct which is why we're speak egg out for her. that's not the miriam that we knew.

>> did she ever talk about the president in a way that raised your eyebrows or raised a red flags .

>> she never had disputesor political agenda. she never talked bad about president obama . she is not talking about delusional. she was not delusional.

>> she did suffer from postpar tum depression.

>> yes. she was. she was under treatment and doctor supervision and being tapered off her medication.

>> she ended up in washington, basically at the white house , went 80 miles per hour down pennsylvania avenue . was surrounded by police as you have seen with their guns drawn, did not stop. struck a police officer and lead them on a chase. i know you have a lot of questions about the use of deadly force , but would you concede that it was your who determined the outcome in some ways.

>> no. not at all.

>> no?

>> what i do see is that perhaps maybe my sister was a little afraid being surrounded by officers with their guns drawn. if she wasn't supposed to be in a restricted area . how is she allowed to be in that area. if you hear gunshots it's like i'm afraid. i don't want to be here. i have a baby in the car. my sister was trying to figure out how to get out of there.

>> even with the specktor of terrorism we live under right now in a location like the white house or the capitol, you think the police perhaps did not do what they needed to do to ensure your sister wasn't trying to bring harm on a large scale?

>> i feel things could have been handled differently and maybe there was some overreaction or negligence. we don't know. we're still trying to find out but we still feel that there was maybe another story than what we're being told.

>> i just want to interject one thing. but that's part of what the problem is. we have this siege mentality -- we're all afraid of each other now. that doesn't excuse the police behavior. they have very specific protocols in all major cities and i'm sure the same in washington d.c. and the fact that someone may be a threat, there's certain protocols you're supposed to follow before you use deadly force .

>> can i just ask quickly about her daughter. 19 months old --

>> no, she's not.

>> how old is she?

>> 13 months.

>> how is she doing? where is she?

>> we know that she is safe and we're confident that she is okay. and we'll continually be in touch with her.

>> ladies, my condolences. i appreciate you talking to us and we'll follow the developments in this story.

>> thank you.