TODAY   |  October 07, 2013

9-year-old stowaway flies across country

Crew members aboard a Delta flight grew suspicious of a young boy who appeared to be traveling alone on Thursday. The 9-year-old managed to fool TSA and flew all the way from Minneapolis to Las Vegas without a ticket or assigned seat. NBC’s Tom Costello reports.

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>> boy traveling by himself got on a plane in minnesota and flew to las vegas . tom costello joins us with more.

>> where else would you go, right?

>> especially if you're 9, right?

>> this happened on thursday. somehow this 9-year-old stow away got on board it in minneapolis and boarded a flight flying all the way to vegas without a ticket or assigned seat. he told the flight crew his parents were in the rear of the plane but the crew became suspicious and alerted las vegas police that met the plane and took the boy into protective custody . it's not clear how the screening and security failed in this place. one is that the boy managed to attach himself to the family moving through the ticket screening and tsa checkpoint process but airport police have had previous run-ins with this boy and he was suspended from school. his parents thought he was at a friend's house and told police they hadn't seen him on thursday. the child was screened in minneapolis along with other passengers. the minneapolis airport says this is the first time that it happened there but the fact that he was able to fool the tsa and delta airlines raised a lot of security and screening questions this morning.

>> something tells me he will be answering to a lot of questions at home as well. thank you.