TODAY   |  October 06, 2013

Mellower Miley? Singer keeps it tame on ‘SNL’

Singer Miley Cyrus was the host and musical guest of “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, and kept her performances more subdued than her infamous antics at MTV’s VMAs. TODAY’s Erica Hill and Lester Hill interview E!’s Alicia Quarles about Cyrus’ performance and other celebrity stories.

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>>> i know a lot of you saw me perform recently at the vmas. and in case anybody missed it, here is one of the more low-key moments. i got a lot of letters from angry mothers, turned-on fathers --

>> that's miley cyrus having a little fun on last night's "saturday night live." she tops our hollywood headlines, along with the new baby for hally berry, and george clooney and sandra bullock define gravity on the big screen .

>> we're here to go through all of that. alicia, good morning.

>> good morning.

>> we start with miley cyrus . you stayed up late and watched the whole thing.

>> sacrifice for the team. she did great. she was really good. she first of all did an acoustic performance we can't stop. sang her song "wrecking ball" wasn't over the top raunchy. she didn't address a lot of things like the sinead o'connor feud but addressed her vma performance and then got to it.

>> and what kind of impact could this potentially have on her reputation going forward? because she needed a little something.

>> a very good impact. she first hosted snl in 2011 . this reminds you that miley can act and sing and it's not all about showing your body parts. it's about talent she has. and people forget about that.

>> a lot of online buzz about her performance last night, expectations about when it should be outrageous. let's go over to craig melvin.

>> most folks out there on the internet expressed the same sentiment as alicia. this is one of our twitter clouds here and you can see some of the adjectives used to describe her performance last night, hilarious, amazing, twerk mentioned accident as well. conversation continued on twitter. would love to be twerking already, but every skit has implied or mentioned it. enough already. and denise chimed in saying who are we to judge. liked her before and still do. i think she is handling the criticism well. but, again, the overwhelming response, pretty positive, lester, erica.

>> and getting a lot of buzz, which is what being a celebrity is about. i want to talk movies. i saw this movie "gravity," george clooney and sandra bullock . the audience when i saw it applauded. i liked it a lot. saw it in 3-d.

>> very good. they were interviewed early they are week and i said george, you guys have been friends so long. she's single, you're single. why is this not happening already? and he said, it's because they have been friends for 20 years.

>> friend zone . they're in the friend zone .

>> here's the thing, the bro zone. she dated one of his friends and he said it's a bro code. can't do that. but they're funny, hilarious. great chemistry. and this movie is getting oscar buzz.

>> and why mess it up if you've got a good friendship.

>> yeah, mess it up with romance?

>> i'm not --

>> hold on a second.

>> i'm happily married, he's gorgeous. but i'm just saying, if you've got a good friendship, sometimes it's not worth messing that up.

>> should have a good friendship. i get it.

>> exciting news and congratulations in order for halle berry , a little boy now.

>> we broke this story at e. she has a little boy and got married. they're both 47. halle has a 5-year-old daughter nala and has been praying for a sibling and this is a surprise and gift she got pregnant and has a little boy .

>> exciting.

>> very happy for her. thank you for coming by.

>> my pleasure.

>> erica, see "gravity."

>> it's on my list.

>> the glasses aren't as nerdy, the 3-d glasses, much more comfortable. just so you know.

>> they're better.