TODAY   |  October 06, 2013

Undercover cop involved in motorcycle road rage attack

With two bikers officially charged in attacking a family driving an SUV, new details are emerging that an off-duty police officer was part of the motorcycle group. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports.

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>>> surprising new information emerging this morning in the beating that captured national attention, including who was on the scene after a driving was beaten after getting a confrontation with bikers and ran over one of them. stephanie gosk is at the scene with more this morning.

>> reporter: good morning, erica. we have been talking to people in this neighborhood and they tell us these motorcycle crews are here all of the time, creating a menace. they jump the curbs, go through red lights , but that's nothing compared to what they saw on this street corner last sunday. it is possibly the most dramatic moment in a video that has now been viewed by millions. a biker takes off his helmet, rushes alex lind 's suv and smashes the driver side window with lind 's wife and 1-year-old daughter also in the car. that motorcyclist has been charged on multiple counts, including gang assault and criminal mischief . and late saturday night, another biker, robert sims, was arraigned in criminal court . the ypd itself is coming under scrutiny. senior law enforcement officials tell nbc news that one off-duty undercover cop was on the scene when lind was beaten in front of his family. police sources say the officer did not want to blow his cover, so he did nothing to help. but internal affairs will investigate why it took until wednesday for him to come forward. and as many as five off-duty officers may have taken part in the unauthorized bike rally last sunday, as well. serg sergio consuerga was there when the suv came to a stop and said one of the bikers went for his wife.

>> with his two hands, real hard, wuling her out.

>> reporter: the crowd stopped the bikers from hurting the mother and her baby, but lind was still under attack.

>> the man was knocked down, he was on the floor. he was getting beat up with the --

>> reporter: smacking his head with the helmet?

>> yes, many times.

>> reporter: he jumped in between lind and the bikers.

>> i felt like they wanted to kill this family.

>> reporter: saturday, police released the photo of a third suspect who they are looking to question about the incident, and continue to pore over video taken bye-bye standers, even if some may turn out to be cops themselves. that motorcyclist is in the hospital. he may be paralyzed for life. his family and lawyers say when he gets better, he's going to consider a lawsuit. they say he was just going in there to help when he was run over by lind 's suv .

>> stephanie gosk this morning.