TODAY   |  October 04, 2013

Whoops! Congressman caught napping on the job

Rep. George Holding was caught sleeping on the job while overseeing the House floor on Thursday, during a speech by Rep. Louie Gohmert. His nap has since gone viral.

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>>> live from studio 1 -a in rockefeller plaza .

>>> welcome to today on this friday morning, october 4th , 2013 . i'm willie geist along with al roker , natalie morales , and brooke shields back with us again.

>> brooke has many hair things going on.

>> i've got some fishtail.

>> oh, i like that.

>> they're little fishtail braids.

>> but it's like a ponytail.

>> it's a ponytail with other things. i'm edgy.

>> got creative today.

>> i really am.

>> she's living on the edge .

>> this is it for me.

>> living on the edge .

>> i like it.

>> it's exciting.

>> j. crew shirt.

>> nice.

>> breast cancer awareness.

>> yes.

>> our colorful ladies here.

>> us not too much.

>> so the shutdown is exhausting a lot of people on many levels.

>> yeah.

>> day four now, we're into it. there was a funny moment yesterday when a republican congressman from north carolina was caught taking a bit of a snooze as he presided over a house session for the affordable care act .

>> it's about trying to do what's right for the whole country and if your heart doesn't break when you read these stories and when you -- it's about trying to do what's right for the whole country.

>> camera work there.

>> it's like an snl skit.

>> oh.

>> where am i? wait a minute, i'm in the house of representatives .

>> and i'm in the big chair up at the top here.

>> his fellow congressman there giving a passionate speech.

>> let's do what's right for the country.

>> i'm asleep right now.

>> you're asleep.

>> good. that's good.

>> yeah, huh. maybe -- i mean, i've -- listen, i've --

>> where's the weirdest place you fell asleep?

>> just recently i went to the opening of the met and there were two intermissions and i found myself going --

>> oh, please.

>> i've had some of my best naps.

>> my mother fell asleep once in church. must have been after a long night and the funny thing is she woke up and she went --

>> broke into applause?

>> yea, god.

>> what's your's natalie ?

>> well, i was doing an interview this week.

>> during the interview.

>> i was definitely drowsy.

>> could you be more specific?

>> no, it's coming up.

>> were you sitting across from the person?

>> yes.

>> that's got to be great. how good do you have to feel? you're giving an answer and you notice natalie dozing off during your interview.

>> i did not fall asleep but let's say i was like --

>> did you start to drool.

>> no.

>> you've got kids too. you were probably up all night.

>> we're not letting it go. now we have to watch. watch the "today" show next week and guess which interview it was.

>> wow.

>> no, no, no.

>> that was the day that changed my life.

>> natalie .

>> news with nat has become narcolepsy with nat.

>> it's snooze with natalie .

>> so sometimes, you know, there's a little lull in the room and it's a little quite.

>> like the guy paused during the interview?

>> just to tell our audience, when you do one of those interviews there's two giant lights shining. it's really hard to fall asleep.

>> no, it's easier because it's so warm.

>> it's cozy.

>> we should give you a blankie next time.

>> did you crawl into the guy's lap? start sucking your thumb?

>> it was a guy.

>> no. it's not.

>> it's a woman.

>> i'm not saying anything.

>> was it a robot.

>> no.

>> you were just snoring.

>> hey, our hours are grueling.

>> okay.

>> let's not start -- oh, come on. a lot of people work these hours.

>> i know. what about you all?

>> i had one yesterday. i was at the dentist yesterday, in natalie 's dense you find these moments, not necessarily during an interview but you find moments to catch a few minutes and --

>> drilling?

>> there was something going on. i had the orange goggles on and i just kind of.

>> i've done that.

>> it was like 30 seconds but i was out.

>> in the dental chair.

>> i went to a dinner where you fell asleep when your wife deborah was mcing.

>> that's right.

>> darn right.

>> i'm outing you mr. roker.

>> happens all the time.

>> i look up and al's like.

>> i'm dozing off. it's warm. i had a meal. it's 9:00 at night. i'm gone. here's the deal -- see, i don't apologize for it. that's the difference.

>> up front.

>> you know what, i'm going. this happens in our household. by friday night i'm literally dozing off during dinner and our 14-year-old is like, well, so, gee, dad, can't you stay awake and they all mouth the words i'm about to say which is do you have any idea what time i get up -- it's become a joke. it's become a joke in our house.

>> boy, we are a fun group.

>> yeah.

>> you want to party with this crowd.

>> that's right.

>> we're asleep.

>> the blue light -- the early bird special is late for us. we are there sitting there at denny's.

>> so much fun. hang out with us a little bit longer, brooke, and you'll see.

>> thank you.

>> it's fun. i love this story. did you hear about the pinterest wedding? he surprised his girlfriend with her dream pinterest wedding. he snuck on to the site and used his girlfriend's dream wedding pin board to create the big day . it started when rye i don't know overheard amanda telling a friend --

>> they look like models.

>> amazing couple.

>> that's a handsome couple. he overheard she wanted to get engaged and married on the same day. he plans the wedding. uses 200 or so imagines to put it together. chose the flowers, the decorations, even her dress.

>> that's gutsy.

>> for a year.

>> but if it's on her pinterest.

>> and there's that wanting to get in shape for your wedding too.

>> yeah, she looks really out of shape. the two of them are really slackers.

>> okay. so part of what -- i've gotten to two it twice so i had fun planning two weddings. but --

>> you digress.

>> i digress.

>> your husband is sitting at home going, okay.

>> part of the fun is the planning of it but because it was all on her pinterest i think it's amazing.

>> she planned it.

>> how confident he must be.

>> well, they seem very happy.

>> i could never pull that off.

>> in june they flew from dallas to miami. he told her they were helping a friend move.

>> didn't you stop that in college?

>> but that sets up the moment anymore. moving a friend to getting married.