TODAY   |  October 04, 2013

KLG & Hoda chat with doppelgangers Nikki & Sara

MTV late-night hosts Nikki Glazer and Sara Shafer chat candidly about the week in celebrity news with their TV doppelgangers, TODAY’s Kathie Lee and Hoda. They talk about everything from Britney Spears’ latest comeback to their obsession with Justin Timberlake.

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>>> the charming, witty and hilarious, but enough about us, we're talking about nikki and sarah.

>> the hosts of mtv's nikki and sara live. here to sound off on the top pop culture news of the week.

>> by the way, you guys made humongous news. the two of you. tell us about it.

>> okay.

>> we have been obsessed with justin timberlake . we talk about him on every one of our shows. our first conversation was about him.

>> yeah.

>> we're going to roll the tape. okay, so you have no idea --

>> we were told we were going to las vegas to interview kesha . we wrote a whole sketch for kesha , we're waiting for kesha , here's what happened.

>> oh, my god.

>> hi.

>> what the hell.

>> hi, justin. how are you?

>> what the hell? oh, my god.

>> yeah. i'm kesha .

>> we bleeped out the cursing that happened later.

>> you guys are acting like you're 12 years old.

>> yeah, it's pretty embarrassing.

>> it was so amazing. he's so lovely and it was nice that he did that and our crew set that up for us.

>> it was.

>> we didn't have to think.

>> if we would've known we were going to meet -- it would have been --

>> what did you ask him?

>> he interviewed us. they gave him questions. i get choked up thinking about it. he knew stuff about us.

>> he did.

>> he did. yeah.

>> he just asked us about all the bits we've done involving him. and we had to explain our comedy to him. it was awesome.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> you're still on a high from it.

>> i love it.

>> who would be your dream guests?

>> kathie lee and hoda. kathie lee and hoda.

>> all right. let's talk about some pop culture topics.

>> sandra bullock in gravity.

>> this movie, hot people in space is what i'm calling it.

>> i'm already stressed out. it's stressful.

>> because they're too hot.

>> no --

>> they're floating.

>> the trailer gave me such anxiety. that's your worst nightmare.

>> to be separated from george clooney .

>> yeah.

>> just disappear.

>> look what's going on.

>> yeah. all right.

>> snl this weekend is going to be huge.

>> yeah. it's a big deal . miley cyrus -- and this is her -- this is her first post twerking.

>> what are you smiling?

>> i can't wait to see what they do with -- are they going to do a parody of the vma thing? i hope they do something like somebody comes out dressed up like a foam finger or -- i just want --

>> like gumby. what about -- do you think robin thicke might come by?

>> cameo.

>> that's going to happen.

>> i should produce --

>> you're basically writing it for them.

>> what about britney spears . she's got a new music video out.

>> it's called work --

>> she tells you to work a lot in it.

>> she looks amazing.

>> she's back. she's never looked this good since -- it's been a few years. and --

>> i don't know the message, though. i like the words, you know, she's like if you want a lamborghini, you've got to work. she's doing that, but then she's wearing nothing.

>> what does she mean?

>> it's mixed messaging.

>> if you want this you've got to --

>> i'm like britney, stop calling me.

>> yelling at you.

>> what about work, darling.

>> wouldn't be the same.

>> we love when you come to see us.

>> we like when you do your show.

>> guess what.

>> what?