TODAY   |  October 04, 2013

Deadly DC chase briefly halts infighting

Lawmakers who had been ripping each other over the shutdown suddenly joined together to thank law enforcement. NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell reports.

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>> want to start with the overnight developments on the chaos in the nation's capitol. a woman killed by police after leading them on a high speed chase with her little child in the car. kelly o'donnell was at the capitol as this unfolded. good morning to you.

>> good morning, savannah, the political tension has been thick for days here. as we begin now day four of this standoff. there's no sign that it won't be just as frustrating and ugly going forward but for a brief time everyone here took a serious jolt that halted when this u.s. complex became a crime scene.

>> drawn weapons and a frantic foot race away from the danger.

>> we heard the pop, pop, just four or five real quick ones.

>> chaos swept over the capitol grounds where tourists usually roam.

>> four or five gunshots and then the whole swarm of police officer cars came.

>> reporter: blaring like an indoor siren, an emergency order to lock down the capitol and shelter in place.

>> there's an ambulance that has now responded.

>> reporter: senators not giving speeches but firsthand accounts.

>> they said get down. get behind this car.

>> reporter: later the lockdown lifted and so did the political mood.

>> i know all of us want to extend that thanks and just to let them know we really appreciate it.

>> reporter: lawmakers that had been ripping each other over the shutdown joined together to thank law enforcement . with lengthy applause instead of routine bitterness.

>> i know that round of applause was heart felt and deeply meant.

>> reporter: and shared concern for the veteran capitol police officer injured during the crisis.

>> our thoughts are with him for a speedy recovery and, again, my admiration goes to all federal law enforcement, but especially our capitol police .

>>> and the u.s. capitol police that are on the job are not being paid because of the shutdown but because of their emergency nature they'll get paid when it is over. today congress will look at how to deal with other kinds of federal workers who are not being paid to see if there is a way to make up for that when the shutdown ends.

>> kelly o'donnell on the hill for us. thank you.