TODAY   |  October 04, 2013

Celeb news: Miley confronts Sinead, Gwyneth joins Instagram

A.J. Calloway from “Extra” fills Willie Geist and guest co-host Brooke Shields in on Gwyneth Paltrow posting her first photo on Instagram and Miley Cyrus firing back at Sinead O’Connor on Twitter.

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>> this morning in your ticket to hollywood, the war of words deepens between miley cyrus and sinead o'connor. a.j. calloway has the scoop for us.

>> how are you?

>> how's the baby? first thing is first.

>> we saw pictures. she is beautiful.

>> it's that face but in the bahia algondones form.

>> she rolled over.

>> that's a big moment.

>> that's a big moment.

>> brooke is very excited because we're hearing about a second ted movie.

>> i love this movie.

>> ted 2. it is happening.

>> yea.

>> 2015 . ted 2 is happening. last year they came out. it was a blockbuster. grossed $540 million worldwide. so why not do a 2?

>> of course.

>> you have to.

>> mark walhberg -- you love this movie? maybe seth will write you in.

>> i would love it. it's so wrong, it's so right. i love it. when they're yelling at thunder and they've got that little song.

>> how many times have you seen it?

>> i have seen it so many times.

>> i've seen it three.

>> for an r rated comedy starring a teddy bear to make half a billion dollars is outrageous.

>> it's incredible.

>> when he's running through the names of all the white trash girls. how they're going to top it, i don't know.

>> we're going to see brooke shields in ted 2. that's going to happen after this segment.

>> i think we should date. i think i should date ted.

>> they're saying summer of 2015 . summer of 2015 .

>> we'll wait for that one. let's get to our photo of the week. gwyneth paltrow joined instagram instagram.

>> she has a picture of her and jason wu . over 6,000 followers already. people love to see her. she's a beautiful woman and she loves social media .

>> she doesn't tweet as much but maybe she'll instagram.

>> she'll probably instagram a lot more.

>> do you do a lot of selfies?

>> no, i'm not a selfie.

>> no selfie?

>> no. some privately maybe. my husband. but i'm not going to put them on twitter.

>> really? wow.

>> we broke through something. this is new territory.

>> there's so much you don't know about me.

>> do you have instagram?

>> i don't. i have twitter. well, i have them all but i'm nervous about getting called out on twitter. i keep it monitored.

>> nice on twitter?

>> not nice. just careful.

>> we got to get an instagram.

>> we'll talk later. moving on.

>> let's get to this miley sinead back and forth. she says don't let the music business prostitute you. those are her words and miley tweets back and says let's talk.

>> is that what she said?

>> well, she tweets back. miley responded to sinead saying she is busy hosting snl and then she tweeted again and said i don't have time to write you an open -- miley basically said that she is busy doing snl and then she wrote another tweet saying if you'd like to sit down and talk, let me know in another open letter . kind of jabbing at her even though she did a video kind of giving -- paying respect to sinead o'connor. nobody was talking about her before but now she is getting in a few but i think sinead is just saying a lot of what everybody is feeling. they want her to tone down. they want miley to calm down a little bit. everybody is tired of it.

>> you wonder why she has taken an interest in this to write open letters about it.

>> it's that thing. if you really do want to have an impact on someone personally just call them yourself.

>> if it's a letter, send it to them.

>> exactly.

>> but put her into the limelight and i think miley is aware of that so she is jabbing at her a little bit.

>> and she's going to be on snl so now she can mess with her on snl .

>> miley is on snl saturday and here monday and interview with a concert with us.