TODAY   |  October 04, 2013

Britney Spears: I toned down sexy scenes in my video

The pop star told a Boston radio station that she had producers for her latest music video tone down some scenes because she felt in was inappropriate for a mom to be showing so much skin.

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>>> we've been talking about miley cyrus lately, how about britney spears .

>> okay.

>> just a change of tune.

>> she claims she had to tone down her latest video because people around the shoot wanted her to be too sexy and she said no way. this is toned down, i guess.

>> that's really toned down.

>> it aired on thursday on boston's 103.3. britney admits while the final version of the video is sexy she demanded that some of the early footage be cut out. that's what she said.

>> we showed way more skin and did way more stuff for the video than what is actually there. i cut out half the video because i am a mother and i have children and it's hard to play sexy mom while you're being a pop star as well.

>> so in some sense are they pushing you further than you want to go and you sit in the editing room and you say that has to go. that's how it's all lined up.

>> yes. yes.

>> okay.

>> i think part of what she is saying there is now that she's a mom she feels differently about video shoots.

>> instant mom. did a little stork drop a baby?

>> she also did in this interview which i appreciated, i'm glad she said it, she said she does wish for the way it used to be when you wore one outfit and you danced the whole video and there's was some kind of -- for britney to then want to go to a pure time, you know what i mean -- i think to a certain extent also that everything has become so overproduced and pushed, the envelope keeps getting pushed. i mean --

>> sounds like she wants it both ways.

>> she's a young mom. i mean, those babies are so young.

>> we do have a statement, britney 's father and her manager said britney is never pressured into anything. she reviews all creative and for her work b word video.

>> i like that there.

>> video -- she is being a mom.

>> she says there's a lot of sex put into what we do in music videos .

>> it's not like the finished product is not sexy. there's a lot going on there.

>> don't you feel like nowadays, as we see with miley cyrus and the wrecking ball stuff, this generation of kids they feel they have to push that envelope in order to be relevant or to appeal to this generation? i don't know.

>> no.

>> everybody is always trying to keep up.

>> think of madonna with all of her videos in the past. they were pretty out there.

>> i think there is -- you know, they're just able to go farther and farther and it's -- i mean, i get it. it's been going on for a long time.

>> yesterday we said there's going to be a day where right around the corner somebody is going to be naked in their video. it's happening already.

>> and asleep.

>> everybody kind of hungry like the wolf was a big deal .

>> so long ago.

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>> it's a salad here.

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>> are they throw away.

>> did you have a salad.

>> i'm going to go with this.

>> not the fish, the squash. so when i have this stuck in my teeth will somebody tell me.

>> how do these work?

>> i'm using a spoon.

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>> right.

>> i feel weird licking my pen this way.

>> that's the miley cyrus video.

>> i feel weird with you licking your pen.

>> are you uncomfortable?

>> this is not a good work environment.

>> how's the salad.

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