TODAY   |  October 04, 2013

Look inside George Clooney’s Mexican getaway

Margaret Russell from Architectural Digest shows off photos from George Clooney’s Mexican getaway home on a Los Cabos compound that he shares with his friend Rande Gerber and Gerber’s wife, supermodel Cindy Crawford.

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>>> today's home. an inside look at a mexican getaway for the stars. it's shared by george clooney and george gerber and cindy crawford . good morning. good to see you.

>> good morning.

>> explain this to me a little bit. they're the best of friends and have been for many years and they built a compound together, essentially.

>> they did. they decided at first to build one house and then decided that maybe they needed two houses but they're two sister houses. very similar, not exactly alike.

>> let's take a look first at george clooney 's side of the compound. what's the vibe of the place?

>> it's very clubby and masculine. the lanterns are magical when lit. each of the two houses has a courtyard and beautiful terrace opening on to a pool overlooking the sea.

>> we're looking at a shot that many people have dreamed of seeing, george clooney 's bedroom. the one right before that. what were we seeing there?

>> that is george clooney 's bedroom with an amazing view of the ocean. it's very masculine and warm and very sophisticated.

>> this is essentially -- this say party house as you said? he's a guys guy. he can have his friends come over and stay with him for weeks.

>> he can. they're all about family and friends and fun. they go down there to entertain, to bring their friends down. it's a real sanctuary.

>> and randy gerber is the design genius behind it.

>> he is. he likes design and did a terrific job with the houses.

>> let's look at the randy and cindy side of the place. they talk about feeling in harmony with the setting. i think i know what they're talking about.

>> it's a marvelous room. it opens to the outside. almost every room in the house opens to the outside. there's a courtyard and more color and more family friendly . white fabrics. built in furniture.

>> there's outdoor dining there. you've got the pool.

>> you have a beautiful pool and then all you see is ocean. ocean and palm trees . it's really beautiful.

>> now, what are the differences, then, if you had to point out a couple between the two sides? do they have different taste and design.

>> they do. each house has it's own personality. they were designed by a phenomenal mexican architect and it was important to them that they were architecturally important but that the design was different. so george 's has a more masculine vibe. there's a more family vibe in the two atriums. there's more color in cindy and randy's house.

>> a lot of people fantasizing about a weekend at that compound.

>> i had a weekend at that compound and it was fun.

>> you got to go.

>> was george there.

>> george was not there but cindy and randy were there.

>> cool photographs. nice to see you.