TODAY   |  October 04, 2013

Jean-ious! Spanx introduces line of jeggings

The shapewear retailer officially entered the denim market this past week with the launch of its first denim legging collection. The pants are slimming and curve-hugging, as TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas explains.

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>> is a trend worth trying this morning. spanxs leggings that are supposed to fit like skinny jeans . okay. this is not the first time they thought about shapewear jeans.

>> they launched their collection last week to major hype. women do love the brand. this has been a big trend online to be talking about and have to say, she actually interns for me, she has tried on so many pairs of denim and because they are more of a legging you made the joke that they were maternity-like on the top.

>> can you lift the top?

>> it has a panel.

>> so moms everywhere are like this is nothing new but it's a great comfortable option.

>> what did you think?

>> they're really comfortable.

>> you feel like your legs are suffocated right now.

>> it's hard for me to find denim but they hug everything and it's comfortable.

>> they look good. we saw the before and after. you look great in both but those are nice.

>> do they make them for men.

>> there's a lot of other brands on the market.

>> for spanx fans these are great. i'm wearing something that's more like an actual jean. these are hello skinny. i've had them for five years. they were an investment but i love them. and levi, they have this fantastic new liquid fabric technology and what's great is that wear after wear they won't sag out and for, you know, when you sit down it will keep your booty looking good. check everything out on

>> who knew there was jeans technology?

>> yeah.