TODAY   |  October 04, 2013

Miley v. Sinead escalates: Sinead threatens legal action

The feud between singers Sinead O’Connor and Miley Cyrus reached new heights of heat, with O’Connor warning Cyrus via Facebook to remove tweets O’Connor found offensive or “hear from my lawyers.”

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>> miley cyrus and sinead o'connor. she wrote a letter to miley cyrus saying don't let the music business make a prostitute of you. she then responded to messages sinead posted two years ago when she was unwell and seeking help.

>> i wanted to make sure she'll be here on monday. a little advertising on that. she now fired back on facebook saying remove your tweets immediately or you'll be hearing from my lawyer and it also contains other choice words not fit for morning television. but last night miley tweeted to sinead if you'd like to meet up and talk let me know if your next letter. another great feud in music.

>> maybe they should come here to the orange room and i'll broker peace between the