TODAY   |  October 04, 2013

New details surface in Madeleine McCann case

Scotland Yard says there are new leads in the 2007 disappearance of Madeleine McCann, based on “substantially different” material. Investigators will be focusing on phone records, tracking and investigating all cell phones that were present both in the area and at the time she disappeared. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports from London.

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>>> disappear in madeleine mccann and what could be a break in the case. michelle kosinski is in london with more. good morning.

>> good morning. her parents will make a public appeal on television october 14th . this year british police were able to launch their own comprehensive investigation into what might have happened to then 3-year-old madeline back in 2007 and they are making progress.

>> reporter: what happened to madeline who disappeared from her bed in her family's vacation apartment in portugal while her parents were down the street? new british investigators on the case aren't certain but they do have new leads saying there is new information not previously presented. fresh substantive material on which to make an appeal. it's substantially different. it's not just a bland can you help us appeal, there's some different material and different understanding. and making that public appeal for more information would be the mccanns themselves who made the first appeal years ago.

>> come forward, photographs which had people you don't recognize.

>> reporter: investigators now also identified more people of interest. 41 of them in several countries including britain. they have a team of investigators in portugal and have gone through more than half of nearly 40,000 pages of documents. run down thousands of lead with thousands more to go. and now are examining every single cell phone number that was present in that area of maddie's disappearance during that time. police know what calls were made to what other numbers and where those cell phones travelled and say anyone that was in that area may just be getting a call from police.

>>> you can look at this in different ways. wow, it's great they have new information. then again, what they're doing is asking the public for help. but police say they are looking for specific information based on specific information that they have and that is better than just saying hey, does anybody out there know anything. natalie.