TODAY   |  October 04, 2013

Picture of Capitol Hill shooting scene goes viral

A photo of a Washington, D.C., staffer checking his phone while walking by a police officer with his gun drawn went viral on Twitter, with many tweeters saying it encapsulated the moment of panic. TODAY’s Carson Daly reports.

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>> let's see what carson is doing in the orange room . any squirrels over there?

>> no squirrels here. happy friday everybody. the big stories are the shooting on the hill yesterday and day four of the government shutdown . it seemed to be everywhere yesterday and was how bizarre the events were. it was taken by a photographer for the new york times. this was everywhere. this capitol hill worker either walking by checking his e-mail while the events are going on or using his phone to get the latest information maybe on where to go to get to safety. people online were talking about it. ed wrote, this is d.c. in a shut shell. dear congress is still out there for you to write. day four of the shutdown. when we showed you day one of the shutdown. this lets you know by the size of the words how much these words were being treated. larger themes, paycheck, government, employee, compromise was big. as the compromise has gone on people are starting to pass blame. there's boehner, there's obama and compromise down here is even smaller. we're continuing to track that. keep your thoughts coming into dear congress and we'll have more later in the show.