TODAY   |  October 04, 2013

D.C. shooting witnesses: Our kids hid in bushes

Jennifer and Tim Arnold from Louisville, Ken., were vacationing with their two kids in Washington, D.C., during the fatal shooting and car chase Thursday. They tell TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie they all started running down the street and hid in bushes.

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>> joined now by two eyewitnesses of the chase. jennif jennifer and lou arnold. thank you.

>> thank you.

>> so much was shutdown. you went to the capitol. the one place that was open. what did you see? what did you hear? i'll start with you.

>> we had just gotten off of the cab and we were paying the gentleman and that's when we saw the black car speeding down pennsylvania avenue and the chase. shortly there after we heard the gunfire and could smell the smoke from it.

>> and tim, you had your two little girl with you. did you immediately -- just by instinct, go to the ground or did you hear police telling people to get down?

>> well, when i heard the gunshots i knew what it was, obviously, it's pretty distinct and i said get on the ground. get on the ground and they jumped over a barrier that was there and got in the bushes and i got down on the stairs there.

>> we see a picture of you actually once you were down trying to capture it on your camera. did you capture anything?

>> you know, i caught the aftermath. you know, funny thing was i had my camera out and i put it away just seconds before all of this happened.

>> well, jennifer , it must have been absolutely terrifying, especially because you had your two little one with you.

>> absolutely. they were crying and shaking and we didn't know if there was a shooter. the police did the shooting. but at some point we were told to get up and run south by various agents. they were about two blocks ahead of us and i was calling my daughter on her cell phone to make sure she had her little sister and we finally did get reunited.

>> we're so glad it turned out okay for you jennifer and tim arnold and sorry your trip to washington didn't turn out too well this week. we wish our best to you.

>>> thank you.