TODAY   |  October 03, 2013

Zachary Levi checks Broadway off his bucket list

The former star of TV’s “Chuck” retains a sense of starstruck awe as he steps into the Broadway scene. He visits Kathie Lee and Hoda to promote his “dream come true” role in the Broadway musical “First Date.”

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>>> very excited because our friend has come back to see us on this thursday thursday. we're talking about zachary lee i like the jeans.

>> now you can catch zachary on the great right way on broadway . it's getting great reviews and tons of laughs for his role as aaron. take a look.

>> i have a hard time silencing my inner critic.

>> tell me about it.

>> you too?

>> my inner critic will not shut up right now.

>> really? what is it saying?

>> he's telling me how to get out of this date right now.

>> that's how to make friends. how are you?

>> i'm good. i'm up. i'm awake. on another thursday. i'm not sure of the odds working out. let's get tanked.

>> let's do it.

>> i can easily get tanked now and get sober by the afternoon.

>> i like the concept of this broadway show . tell us a little bit about it.

>> it's in the title. it's the first blind date between a guy and a girl at a new york restaurant. it's adate, half hour with no intermission. all the baggage you bring. all the o'people in the restaurant double as the voices in our head, friends, exes, family, what have you. it's a lot of fun. it's a relatable romp that people can go, oh, my god, that happened to me on date.

>> you do a little singing?

>> of course. a little dancing.

>> i realized you had a big theater background but not on broadway .

>> no, no. i grew up doing a lot of theater, all of that, and dreamed about doing broadway . that's the top level, the top shelf . so it's really a dream come true, bucket list kind of stuff, to live in new york and do broadway and stuff. yeah, i'm having a blast.

>> this is grueling. kathie knows and everyone, it's grueling work. how are you holding up?

>> i do okay, i guess. you've got to worry about your vocal cords. i suck on a lot of lozenges. i can't go to loud bars but there's a lot of unique challenges to it. how do you keep it fresher night? how dwrou make it fresh for you and the audience? how do you maintain a certain level of performance and keep your energy up? there's a lot of prayer involved. god, help me.

>> a lot of people don't talk about a relationship that's an ongoing lihaving faith in your life.

>> oh, yeah. it's the most important part of it.

>> did this pull from some of your own history when it came to dating?

>> you know, not really. i'm not a big dater. i have gone on dates before, but typically i meet girls through groups of friends or, you know, you see if there's a connection. dating is incredibly awkward and hard. i don't like pain in general. i don't like experiencing it.

>> you're in show business , hello.

>> i have mental issues. i don't like painful experiences or causing people other pain and dating seems to be a breeding ground of pain. if it's not working out, somebody's got be the one to pull the plug. i don't want the plug pulled on me if i'm into it and i don't want to pull the plug.

>> one of the good guys in the world, hoda. one of the fine guys down the road if you ever get to actually meet him. you know what i like for voices? grethers.

>> are those those pass teals, the blackberry ones?

>> you know what? i've got