TODAY   |  October 03, 2013

Deserving mom Marcia gets an Ambush Makeover

Stylist to the stars Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin select two women who visited the plaza and give them fresh new looks for fall, including a viewer whose cancer-fighting daughter made her mom wear her ugliest shirt to ensure she would get picked for an Ambush Makeover.

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>>> back now with our plaza ambush makeovers when two lucky women from our crowd are surprised head to toe . they waited all morning long to be picked by our dynamic duo . everybody. louis bacardi, lala lala lala la. nice out.

>> it's summer again.

>> it's gorgeous. we're enjoying it.

>> how was the group?

>> great. we had to work our way through the crowds.

>> there must be a convention of sorts. first up, gnattally peterson , she's 28 years old from omaha, nebraska. she told us she wanted to look more like an adult. take a listen.

>> girls, weekend from omaha. we practiced that. anyway, it's your birthday. we're celebrating, but we're giving natalie a makeover. what do you think?

>> it's exciting because natalie is at a conference this weekend that we even came in town, and she's one of the hardest people i know. she works four jobs throughout the year and doesn't take enough time for herself and just super excited for this opportunity. hoping she can find a guy when this is all done.

>> and she's single. all right. we're going to embarrass you. what do you think of all this?

>> kind of crazy. out of my come fort zone, but i like it.

>> she's here with her sister and friends. keep your blindfolds on for a second, okay? here's natalie peterson 's before. all right. let's see natalie peterson , the new you. take off your blindfolds. she's right over here.

>> oh, my god!

>> are you ready, natalie ? get ready. spin around. it's different. put your glasses on. even you can't see without those on?

>> a lot different.

>> spin right around here. you look fantastic.

>> natalie , are you more date-ready or what? i mean really. vanessa gave her this hair cut . it's a bob with layers. all of a sudden she gave her instant style. i like your hair. you look more professional, sexier, and the phone's going to be ringing off the hook.

>> what do you think?

>> amazing.

>> tell us about the outfit.

>> more conventional and adult-like. the blazer is from macy's and the jewelry is from vintage.

>> all right. thank you. the second lady is marriage big ler, 41 from pennsylvania. for the past five year she's been taking care of her daughter dominique who's been battling cancer. she made her mom wear where she thinks is her ugliest shirt so we'd pick her. she hopes for a change.

>> you're such an amazing girl and in such great spirits and so strong, and you said, please give this to my mom. so tell us why she deserves this.

>> she deserves it because she's been taking care of me through my cancer and it's been really hard but it makes it easier with her helping.

>> she's so incredible, and i can't believe -- i can't imagine what it's been like for you.

>> it's been really tough but i really need this change and thank you for everything.

>> well, we're so glad we can give you this gift. i think mom's a little scared here.

>> i think she is too.

>> we'll get her through it.

>> yeah.

>> oh, i don't think she has anything to be afraid of.

>> how sweet is she?

>> they're right there with dominique . let's take one last look at marsha before and bring out the new marsha big ler. oh. oh.

>> oh, my gosh. stand right here on that little white thing.

>> all right. dominique , do you want to take your blind fold off, hon?

>> oh, wow.

>> what do you think?

>> she's laughing.

>> what do you think? i don't know.

>> well, let's find out what mom thinks. turn right around.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> that looks hot.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> okay. you can pull yourself away now. she like as what she sees. tell us what you did.

>> dominique 's biggest wish was that her mom could forget about any problems she had for just a few minutes and that's what we did today. i lightened her hair. again, this is a great hair cut by vanessa. and notice the soft pink lids. it's all to give her a happy look.

>> have you decided? what do you think? oh, lots of love. i love it. awesome. have you decided yet?

>> it looks really different.

>> it will take some getting used to.

>> tell us about the outfit.

>> we put her in a sexy black dress by london times and a coat.

>> thank you.

>> you need help with respecting kids? we'll tell you. and then contawe put our decorating skills.