TODAY   |  October 03, 2013

KLG, Hoda critique the ‘most perfect celebrity body’

Ogle away! compiled the best traits from a variety of female celebrities, including Kate Middleton, Megan Fox, Victoria Beckham and others, to create the ultimate celebrity body. Kathie Lee and Hoda grimace at the results, but you be the judge: Sexy mashup or scary monster?

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>>> hello, everybody. yes, we're up in our little room in the sky. there's no room for us in the end.

>> yeah.

>> it's thursday. thursday, we don't care. it's october 3rd . beautiful day . another beautiful day in new york. i hope it's a beautiful day in your neck of the woods as al would say.

>> it was 85 in new york city yesterday. i don't know about you. everybody on the east coast is experiencing great weather. similar. great over the weekend.

>> it was so nice. you know who i had over yesterday for lunch and i just adore he. i had -- my gosh -- elizabeth -- i had a few people over. last night was a long night. ee lizabeth hasselbeck. she came. she's over with " fox & friends ." lovely, lovely girl. she's doing well. i love second and third acts for people.

>> i do too.

>> all righty. apparently --

>> let's get rid of the banana.

>> excuse me. 're still brilliant, but if you notice, it's a smaller brilliant. no, we are brilliant. we're so excited about this. we're having a lot of fun with this. this is kathie lee and hoda in the green room . pick it up and go online and check this out. you know what the key is -- hoda and i were concerned about doing this. so much of what we do is ping-pong back and forth and it's all about tone, and we were afraid in the written word that it would come out in way that we didn't want it to. but so far they're capturing it. we want to think them for that.

>> i'm so excited. i want you guys to stick around for the end of our show today because there's a beautiful great girl. her name is victoria ryan. i went to a cocktail party and someone was singing. she's adorable.

>> look at her.

>> it was victoria. she writing her owner music. she's just a teenager.

>> she's just a young girl .

>> i thought, you know what would be fun? if she came and sang for us. don't -- la, la, la, la, la, la.

>> she's got a big following online.

>> i want to do more of this. don't send us tapes. we're going to find you in our everyday life and try to bring you on the show. we'll have our own "the voice," all right?

>> why do we keep having this on "people" magazine?

>> there's a reason. celebrity sorority sisters and our own hoda is right there. oh, well, i lost my dad at virginia tech .

>> you don't notice what i'm saying because look at the lid.

>> without my sorority sisters , i'm not sure how i made it through. and it was very sudden with your dad sniet was.

>> look how far you've come is basically the story there.

>> okay, all right. we want to follow up, you guys. we talked about dreams yesterday. when i heard your dream and you dreamt you had lots of gum in your mouth, i thought that's weird. only kathie lee has that dream. well, apparently --

>> there are a lot of freaks out there and we all stick together.

>> she said i've been wearing that gum to bed ever since i wore the bite guard to bed.

>> sure it's a bite guard.

>> i don't even dream at all because of that stupid dream .

>> what does it all mean? how sick am i?

>> according to, if you're unable to get rid of gum it means you're experiencing indecisions, powerlessness and frustration. it's overwhelming, a met for for something you're trying to process.

>> like i really care?

>> all right. so we talked to you yesterday about ronen farrow. this is mia farrow 's --

>> this is getting more fun all the time.

>> this is mia farrow 's son and there's a possibility in quotes that he could have been frank sinatra 's boy, not woody allen 's son. they were mair add short time, two years, but they continued their relationship as friends and partners sexually long after the marriage ended.

>> he has a great sense of humor.

>> it's very obvious in his tweets. he said, listen, we're all possibly frank sinatra 's son. if he was, he would have been 71 years old when he father thad child. charlie chaplin had a child in his 90s. some guys just won't let it go, if you know what i'm saying.

>> that shows row nan's sense of humor too. if you remember woody allen married his stepsister and roan ronan tweeted happy father's day or as they call it in my family happy brother-in- law day .

>> the most --

>> here they are. they took jennifer love hewitt use boobs, victoria beckham 's jaw line and scarlet johansen 's nose and came up with that. weird looking.

>> you know what? tomorrow we're having gina gershon on. put gina gershon 's body on everything. you can't stop looking at her in this movie. i know she's doing cocaine and smoking up the storm and downing the wine and she's a mess but her body is unbelievable. she'll be with us tomorrow. apparently we said the wrong thing. it's in case you're looking around.

>> here's the thing. yesterday we saw kim kardashian 's extensive cleavage. there they were. they said, well, what's happened here. this is trendy because gwyneth paltrow had a plunging blazer. not quite the same effect. care randa kerr hat it as well. is this a trendy thing or are people going way too far? this is a shot of elizabeth taylor from 1962 , a shot from "cleopatr "cleopatra."

>> there's another picture we're looking for. i think it was on "life" magazine. we can't find it. it was like kim's. it was from 1962 . do we have a different reaction? elizabeth taylor was in costume to play a character. is it more acceptable or understandable?

>> it seems like everybody's pushing the envelope. we talked about miley cyrus 's wrecking ball and how much more naked --

>> she had boots on so she was not naked.

>> we can show you. as it goes on, it changes. and then there's another video out with rihanna, and they say this is her most riske video ever.

>> we can't show you much of this either, but --

>> i do like her music. anyway, we can't show it. it does make you wonder -- i miss doris day . i miss doris day .

>> you do?

>> you know, and i miss annette funicello . "where the boys are".

>> we can go back to this topic in a minute. since you're in the mood for music, what would be better than ihoda. before we play this, if you're a new york states fan, whether you're 80 --

>> connie francis , sorry.

>> whether you're 80, 90, whether you're a teenager, black, white, there's a halftime song every new orleans saints fan knows.

>> what if you're not a new orleans saints fan?

>> then you're going to enjoy it just because. here it is. it's by the yin yang twins . everyone knows this song.

>> okay, okay, okay, hold on. look. i can feel it in the dome. the saints are doing so well too.

>> wake me when it's over. shoot me.

>> stand up and get crunk?

>> what is crunk? is that crazy drunk? what a lovely, lovely concept.

>> the saints games are so fun. when this song cranks up -- we do have to talk about monica one second. she finally has spoengen out.

>> she's going to be with us on monday. she's going to be hosting "saturday night live." but she spoke out in this new documentary that's on mtv called miley the movement.

>> i've never been like a normalperson because like i had to grow up so quick because i had to do something that wasn't more for so long. i never felt more than i am than i am right now. i think that's like coming into your 20s. you can watch your performance in the vma and people think it's a hot mess, but it's a strategic hot mess. if i didn't want to come out as a raunchy girl, i wouldn't have come out like a damn bear.

>> anyone who's ever said where's her mother, right beside her, through good, bad, arguments, cry, i don't care what. right there.

>> i think she keeps me like less anxious because i do get so overwhelmed when i'm going to perform because everything has to be perfect.

>> her mother was there when she was doing the mtv award or the video award.

>> it looked like it. i teev got to tell you, hearing there was some thought into it made me think it was not as icky.

>> you know what people are not talking about so much is remember when britney had her meltdown? german jer was larry rudolph . i don't know if he still is but now miley's manager is larry -- i can't get any of these things straight.

>> it's interesting to listen to her mom say i've been right here. i had a little bit of a different perspective.

>> as a parent, you don't just love your children when they're behaving and going to sunday school. you love them flat out. it's as close as we'll ever get to unconditional love . i want to sit down with tish and justin's mother and kris jenner in a couple of weeks and talk about what do dwrou as a mother when you're still -- you're going to be their mother no matter what and they start acting out and living a life contrary to the way you raised them. what are