TODAY   |  October 03, 2013

4 products to get your lawn ready for winter

Dan DiClerico from Consumer Reports explains how you can get your outdoor areas and lawn ready for the winter months with products like a leaf blower, a drill and garbage bags that the magazine says have been top performers.

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>> we're into october.

>> that means leaves are turning and falk. autumn is the best time of 84 to prepare your car for winter.

>> consumer reports have zeend accidence of tours. dan is a senior home yard editor.

>> i want you to foe she is getting her hand dirty.

>> i'm so railroad.

>> first of all, we have to start with the gloves.

>> essential all year round, in the fall you are moving underbrush, thorning, pruneing plants, scraping gutters, that sort of thing.

>> got it.

>> so, yeah, we brought a pair from bionic, the tough glove, made with goat skin , strong, supple.

>> you get the traction.

>> we like the paddle on the palmetto, if you are operating power toochlts it will absorb. the reenforced silicone fingertips.

>> they're nice for the weather.

>> you can use these in a totally different way.

>> a fashion statement .

>> we ned to protect our ears if we operate heavy equipment .

>> that's correct. a leaf blower . we brought our top, come on over here, this is the toro ultrablower vac. our top rated electric blower as the name implies. super handy for picking up the shrubs.

>> does it have power? is it elect rick?

>> absolutely.

>> hey.

>> there you go. quickly blow them in your neighbor's yard, it's for the longer your problem.

>> as powerful as a gas motd el.

>> i like it.

>> you will not feel arm fatigue. $75 bucks.

>> wow you got the power, nice. next up the drill. what are we doing?

>> 101 uses putting up storm door , windows, secureing gutters, fastening deck boards.

>> am i doing this right? seriously?

>> she's a super model .

>> oh, yeah.

>> that was fun, go back in that hole. there you go. don't say it.

>> i won't, i woep. there we go. you have to be even.

>> push down, push down.

>> all right. all right. stop yes, ma'aming at me. i'm doing it. oh.

>> so close.

>> great, great, great. this is television. all right. ah, there we go.

>> on storm windows , when do you start putting those up?

>> now, we got a storm brewing right now. don't wait on for the first person.

>> okay. cool. let's talk about garbage bags, strong garbage bags.

>> this is strong. it's as strong as heavy duty lawn and leaf bags. the way we determine that is we actually put weight in the bag and slowly lift them up.

>> show everybody how strong you are. this is it. 50 pound.

>> okay. here we go. really, this is going to hold, huh?

>> gently. it will.

>> wow.

>> eventually it will give in the bag holds.

>> wow.

>> all right. that's awesome. which one are these?

>> glad.

>> look at the box stronger, less plastic, 15 cents per bag. you can use it indoors and outdoors.

>> less plastic.

>> stronger but a little --

>> it's plastic, you idiot.

>> why don't you go back to drilling over will.

>> do what i'm good at.