TODAY   |  October 03, 2013

Meet emerging stars of YouTube

Abbi Tatton from YouTube introduces some of the site’s newest attractions, including Goldiestarling’s Art of Makeup Channel, which shows how to do theatrical makeup creations, and Bethany Mota, whose beauty tips and DIY videos have more than 3 million views.

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>> almost every day we hear of a viral sen sapgs. our youtube users are gaining hundreds of thousands of fans with each upload.

>> here to highlight some emerging stars is abby. god to see you.

>> nice to see you again.

>> water the first one?

>> the young girl teenager bethany moda has lots of videos. she is getting a million views per video. she has subscribers and people watching her around the world.

>> like the martha stewart of her generation.

>> in this video, she has all types of tips to decorate your rooms for fall, simple ideas, accents, pillows, wall decorations, i thought we'd celebrate one here.

>> we will decorate a pumpkin.

>> you request decorate them. a few things, pumpkins, acrylic paint . bethany shows so well on her channel, we will put it in the paint here. she recommends tidying this up a little with the paint brush so you make a nice polka dot . let's see.

>> how about the big ends? i'm doing big polka dots .

>> you can do anything you like. then we have all kind of other shapes that you can do, stars, teddy bears . how is it going, al?

>> just fantastic.

>> loving it.

>> she has all these craft ideas, back to school ideas the outfit, all kind of things leak. i like the idea it's encouraging kids to be crafty.

>> these are things can you do in minutes at home.

>> how about science?

>> would you believe science and education get more views than pets and animals. it is driving, they have asap weekly science. as we get older, we hear less and less. can you hear this one?

>> a little bit.

>> let's do a hearing test.

>> if everyone can hear this one, it's 800 hertz.

>> i can hear that one.

>> that means with ve a pulse. okay, good news. you are supposed to put head phones on in high definition . if you can't hearal home. 10,000 hertz, this should be heard from under 60s. 12,000 hertz under 50s.

>> i hear that one. ow.

>> 15,000 under 40.

>> i hear it. like a buzzing in the ear.

>> 16,000 under 30. i think we may need help.

>> we need carter to come in. can you ha their one?

>> i can hear it.

>> let's go under 24, 17,000 hertz.

>> i here a vacuum.

>> a blower.

>> we do the 20-something again so we can hear it?

>> yes.

>> can you hear that?

>> we here silence.

>> it's like the white, like a very fine white noise , yeah.

>> we have to read this. these are just aproblems makes based on scientific storms. speakers may not be able to play the full range. don't go running to your ear doctor.

>> this one alove, do, goldie starling's art of makeup.

>> a beautiful channel. every time before halloween, this is a channel that gets popular again. let's look at her designs. she is a self-taught the at rickal makeup artist . she won a scholarship to go and do this, do a course on the terrical theaterical makeup. she has goolish stuff. great ideas here.

>> doing it to herself.

>> that's amazing.

>> you want to jump to this last one t. living piano.

>> this is from a canadian educational broadcaster tfo. they took 12 opera singers an created this giant keyboard you operate with your feet. the opera isn'ters belt it out.

>> ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.

>> i love. it's opera.

>> youtube learning how to do the rainbow, they've learned a lot going on these can els. a lot of early education out there.

>> abby, thank you so much. learn more about the youtube stars on