TODAY   |  October 03, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence’s feisty response to diet pressures

The TODAY anchors, along with guest host Brooke Shields, discuss Jennifer Lawrence’s recent interview, in which she describes the pressures to stay skinny in Hollywood.

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>> northeast in new england this year it's been the greatest two weeks of fall.

>> not out west.

>> 80 degrees, something like that in the city today. 85 in d.c..

>> if you are in north dakota .

>> we got some severe weather to talk about. we may have a tropical storm coming up.

>> rain on my parade.

>> yes.

>> i thougwe will start this week with vice president joe biden known for his gaffes. he revealed the cover of a classified document standing at a press event. take a look at the photo, the binder reads codeword, classified document .

>> it's not like he is saying, look what i have. i just know if you trot around the press conferences with classified documents . we didn't see anything.

>> if i had that, i'd walk around with it.

>> you feel important.

>> hey, look at what i know. it's obviously not classified. it can be displayed in public. that's the whole point of the cover sheet , the classified material is contained behind it.

>> the vice president is pretty good.

>> it's an elaborate setup so we can watch the vice president's finest moments.

>> roll that videotape.

>> the choice is clear, one man stand ready to deliver change we desperately need, a man i'm proud to call my friend, a man who will be the next president of the united states , barak ami amir.

>> thank you, everybody.

>> that was the big gaffe.

>> indeed.

>> a big f-ing deal, shaking al roker 's hand caused consternation.

>> the secret service wasn't exactly thrilled of that one, neither.

>> how inconsistent you were. wait, wait, wait. i was just, it was great.

>> come on, one shot. brian williams put me up to it.

>> i get it.

>> one shot.

>> i'll be interested to hear your take on this next story, brock, having been an actress, a young actress in hollywood, jennifer lawrence speaking out about the pressure to be thin, she's on the cover of harper's bizarre, she speaks out, the encouragement was the kind of blank actresses had to go through. somebody told me i was fat. i would get fired if i didn't lose the certain amount of weight. they brought in pictures of me that i was basically naked and told me to use it as a motivation as a diet. it will hurt me if somebody whispers the weight diet, go blank yourself.

>> first of all, good for her, now as a mother of daughters, you know, i was never considered skinny, so i, they never used me for runway. i was basically like a model from the neck up, basically. and i was always considered the healthy one like the athletic one. and i tried to keep nurtureing that by, but the tendency is, you do feel, you go on the red carpet , you look to your left and your right and people are emaciated and there is this pressure. yet i keep telling my kid, my kids want to wear skinny jeans . she is beautiful. she is so talented.

>> and by nobody's stretch of the imagination could she be labelled anything other than looking like she is in great shape, fit.

>> if you have any kiv curves at all, you are considered heavy, overweight. it's scary.

>> brooke, is it that explicit someone will say lose weight or is it implied? you look around me?

>> that sound like torture, abecause to me. it does sound like abecause. i've never had that happen to me, but then again, i never lived out in hollywood, i never sort of lived in that whole world. i when to the school, regular children's schools with kids my own age. i gained, know 20 pounds in college eating healthy granola thinking i was being healthy. i'm packing it on. i wasn't punished for it.

>> she gets the last louisiaaugh. who told her, gang busters irks it's not happening.

>> she speaks her mind. she's a very refreshing young woman who isn't afraid to show she is meet these hollywood stars . she likes what she does.

>> her talent is preseegd all of this.

>> al loves her even more because of this moment, do we remember at the oscars?

>> i want to see al roker , i used to watch him every day before school.

>> of all the people you could possibly say is al roker ?

>> he means something to me personally.

>> what does he mean to you in your neck of the world?

>> i love al roker . i want to see him.

>> i can be al roker .

>> hey, jen never, here's what's happening in your neck of the woods.

>> hey!

>> you don't say it with a british accent . lose the puffed up hair. all right. get a tan and maybe you could try saying it.

>> or lose the hair altogether.

>> exactly. there you go.

>> did she get to do this?

>> no, she didn't.

>> i think we should arrange. she is, jennifer lawrence is by any definition of the imagination, she is beautiful. the fact that anyone said that to her is ridiculous.

>> i want names.

>> we need to represent healthy women that aren't consumed with judy broxton. being healthy, being good in your own body, feeling comfortable in your own body.

>> you look at some of that in your life. gosh. i feel overweight.

>> call me a hypocrit. if you are anticipate tag red carpet , i'm working out more. treadmill, because you want to freedom. but that's a double -- that's a double message.

>> that's why that dove campaign struck such a chord with women all over america.

>> good for jennifer lawrence for speaking out about it. the next one is a hard right turn, from what we were talking. drive through skeletons, emaciation once again. this is the work. we have become familiar with this guy. she a magician prankster.

>> he wears the headless -- here he is again.

>> for this video, i will make this sculpture go through some -- this sell on the go through some drive-throughs.

>> aah! .

>> where they at?

>> aaaa!

>> would you like sauce with that, sir? no sauce?

>> i can see him getting comfortable after that? sauce with that, sir?

>> i like the screen, you know it's ridiculous, all of a sudden he has to do is that.

>> that big move.

>> i love it. now, unfortunately, i wasn't so lucky when he was here.

>> that's right. check this out.

>> if we have it. or not.

>> oh! .

>> so you had no idea?

>> that was him. i had no idea, they're like why don't check out this new care.

>> it was very out of place.

>> who would know that's a guy?

>> even though we've never had that rattan piece of furniture in the green room .

>> they were trying out new furniture.

>> i like how you get up so gingerly. oh.

>> there is something going on here, i don't know what it is, i sit right down.

>> that's because the stage manager was actually nice to you.

>> i guess the wrap around. i'm like, keep those armchair paws off of me.

>> that's a handsy care right there.

>> those aren't pillows, those are my hands.

>> we want to set the record on something we said yesterday, we were celebrating the revolutionary kfc, the chicken was so good. we made one little off the cuff remark because of the government shutdown, there weren't any food inspections, obviously very true.

>> i'm the one that made the off the cuff remark. in fact, we were told the u.s. department of agriculture is keeping their meat and poultry inspectors and other, i like this word, essential food safety employees on the job. we are apologize for any confusion and we are back right after this.