TODAY   |  October 03, 2013

Tiffany Thiessen: Reading sparked my interest in acting

The actress in the hit show “White Collar” talks to TODAY’s Matt Lauer about her involvement in Read for the Record, an annual event that encourages parents to read to their children, telling TODAY’s Matt Lauer she knew she would become an actress because she loved reading and would act out the plays she read.

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>> today is the 8th annual read for the record. it involves quality education. this year's book being read by millions of kids is otis by lauren long, it jump starts celebrity ambassador, i love you are doing this. is this a great program?

>> it is.

>> is he and she a big reason? it was not a hard sell for her. in the middle of the day , it 's wonderful .

>> talk about the importance of that ritual. parents are so busy these days. if you stop and make time, that's the moment.

>> a little time . we have found that reading involves sort of education. if we can hone in on that at an early age. not that we want to do. we want all these kids to succeed.

>> take me back. to your childhood, were you read to as a child?

>> what is your favorite books?

>> i love the drawings and the pictures. big and small, all that kind of stuff. i think the colors were good for me.

>> remind people how they can get involved by vooed reading to a child for us.

>> today is a great day, it's an annual for a jump start . we will be reading to all the kids across the country.

>> it doesn't take a long time.

>> white collar, by the way, a great show.

>> real good.

>> are you loving the role?

>> very much.

>> congratulations on that. awfully nice of you to be the celebrity ambassador, too, tiffany. thanks so much. and we will