TODAY   |  October 03, 2013

Mike O’Malley on playing grandpa in new comedy

The actor best known for his parts in “Glee,” and “Yes, Dear,” is co-starring in a new sitcom called “Welcome to the Family,” about parents who are unexpectedly becoming grandparents just as their daughter prepares to go to college. He speaks with TODAY’s Al Roker about how his character deals with the news.

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>> how do you get out here? now i know why you were looking so beautiful, al.

>> we want to welcome to the family , mr. michael o'malley, also the name of your new sit-com. this is great. you have a did you tell us getting by, she's about to get off to college. you think, all right, finally?

>> my daughter will be out of the house. i'm looking forward to, i'm not sad my daughter will be out of the house, i will be an empty nester . my daughter is leaving. i hooked up now with my wife now twice in two days.

>> that's fantastic. that's good.

>> okay. all right. we find out she's pregnant.

>> oh, no.

>> listen, do i look like i should be a grandfather? i know i'm pushing it with my war droevenlt i want to thank you very much.

>> very art carney .

>> well.

>> it's two different families.

>> two different families having to come together, not knowing their kids will have a baby. they didn't know they were dating. so the kid that my daughter hooked up with, he's going to stamford. he's a smart dpoi but doesn't know how to use birth control. how is the family going to deal with two families coming together and being grandparents?

>> it is fun.

>> when it's not happening to you.

>> there you go.

>> michael o'malley, always god to see. premier of " welcome to the family ."

>> where are you running now?

>> savannah, come on! .