TODAY   |  October 03, 2013

Robin Quivers: ‘Fantastic’ to be back after cancer

For more than 30 years, Robin Quivers has been Howard Stern’s radio sidekick, but she’s been absent from the airwaves while undergoing treatment for cancer. She made a triumphant return to the radio studio yesterday and tells TODAY’s Matt Lauer it feels great being cancer-free.

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>> 30 years robin quivers has been by howard stern 's fuse anchor and his foil. it hasn't been all laughs. robin learned a few weeks ago, she has been fighting for her life. we will talk to her in a moment. first a little more of her story. for the last 84-and-a-half, robin quivers has been away from the radio studio. recently, howard stern released why on air.

>> robin told me, it was cancer that they tested this thing inside of her this what do they call snit.

>> a tumor.

>> a tumor.

>> i was already making funeral arrangements. okay.

>> quivers has since been declared cancer-free and just sed yesterday, she made a triumphant return to the studio. welcome back, howard with his trademark humor.

>> i can never be without you again and your beautiful face, your smile.

>> what are you trying to make me cry?

>> your enormous --

>> oh, thank you.

>> robin writes about her health struggles past and present in a new book the vegucation of robin. how robin quivers saved my life. how are you?

>> i feel fantastic. people ask me, i have been cancer-free three or four months now. it's a matter of still recovering at home, past all the treatments that's kept me out of the studio this long, but i have been feeling really good.

>> i want to talk to you in a second. talk about walking back no that studio. that's family, it's friend, it's everything.

>> i have been talking to them every day, you know, i was still on the air from home. so it wasn't like i hadn't talked to them. but seeing everyone and getting that everyone hugged me. everyone was so happy to see me. i was real happy to actually see them.

>> i don't have to make this more dramatic than it was, because it was dire.

>> eyeah.

>> howard is blunt about i. he said he's told a lot of people he was thinking about funeral arrangements for you and what he would do. how did you hand him notifies?

>> well, everything happened so fast. i wound up not being able to pass water or urinate while i was away on a trip and ten days later, i was in surgery. so there was only ten days between the problem really presenting itself and me getting that diagnosis and there was really no time to think about it. it was like, okay, this is what it is. this is all we know. this is what we have to do. you have to get ready for that. there is no other thing you can be. you have to have surgery.

>> you had a large mass removed, you had cancer in the whole pelvic region, 12 hours of surgery. your doctor said you were one of the bleft patients ever. i imagine after the surgery there were moments you wanted to lose it.

>> it's depressing to have your body completely break down onner or let you go down. you go through the same grieving process if you lost a friend. you are angry, sad, depressed. then you say it's time to get back on that horse and go.

>> this followed a point where you changed your life dramatically. you write in the book about 9-11, it struck me. you were unhealthy. 9-11 rolls around. you had a stunning and stark thought.

>> i thought i would be one of the people who couldn't help myself out of that building. if i was there, someone would have to help me. i'd be one of those people you had to come and get. i thought. this is not anyway to live. and i need to figure out what's wrong.

>> you changed your life dramatically. you started eating incredibly healthy foods. i think without saying cause and effect you say because your body was so much stronger, you got cancer. but did it help you fight off the disease?

>> when you consider i went through chemoand radiation and hardly had any side effects , i saw other people around they were going through the same thing i was. my situation wasn't complicated by other illnesses, other medications. i basically was strong going in and so i sort of bypassed and did well during all of that treatment.

>> it's not a diet bovenlth it's not a cookbook. it is a book that tells a personal story. i think people will get a mr. president out of it. as the book about friendships, too, in a certain way. boy, i know howard was there for you. that's awfully nice.

>> he's my heart. i love him.

>> i think he foleys the same way. good to see you. it's great to see you doing so well.

>> thank you.

>> thank you.

>> and.