TODAY   |  October 03, 2013

Casey Kasem’s kids: We want to see ailing dad

Radio legend Casey Kasem is fighting Parkinson’s disease, and his three children haven’t been allowed to see him in months. After Kasem’s wife Jean refused to return their calls, they mounted a protest outside the couple’s Los Angeles home.  NBC’s Joe Fryer reports.

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>> begin this half hour with a public feud involving a legend casey kasem and his family. they say they are not allowed to see him.

>> hello again, welcome to american top 40 . i'm casey kasem .

>> his voice was a fixture on the radio for decades.

>> i'm casey kasem . these are the most popular songs in the usa.

>> reporter: now at 81-years-old, parkinson's disease has quieted his voice as his family feud goes louder.

>> unfortunately, the disease is killing his body. it doesn't node to kill his spirit and soul.

>> reporter: his three children say they is haven't been allowed to see him in three months. they say he wife jean married to him for more than 30 years won't return their messages.

>> jean has just folded him up and kept him under raps. nobody can get to him.

>> reporter: desperate to be heard, this woke they mounted a protest outside his los angeles home and released this video of their public plea.

>> we don't know where to go. hopefully, we will see our brother and our dad and our good friend again.

>> reporter: so far, jean kasem has not discussed the situation or responded to messages from nbc news seek comments. tonight, we salute mo-town.

>> her husband casey rose to stardom after lawning the top 40 countdown in the 1970s . he introduced the pipes for scooby doo shaggy.

>> we just have roller skates.

>> now his children and friends say it's their turn to be his voice.

>> i don't want any of his money. i don't want his estate. i don't want anything. i simply want to see my father on a regular basis, give him a huck, hold his hand, give him a ma sarnlgs put a smile on his.

>> it's always sad when there is bad blood in the family, which is obviously there, at this time when someone is dyeing that you can't put aside that bad blood .

>> we get a check of