TODAY   |  October 03, 2013

Israeli PM: Don't be fooled by Rouhani's charm

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the United States shouldn’t be fooled by the charm exuded by Iran’s newly-elected president Hassan Rouhani. He tells NBC’s chief foreign correspondent Andrea Mitchell that Iran is continuing to conduct terrorist operations in dozens of countries.

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>>> are not put on hold. nbc's correspondent andrea mitchell sat down with israeli prime minister benjamin net na n netanyahu.

>> reporter: why not give this man a chance?

>> are you kidding? they toss out this regime. these people the israeli people the majority of them are actually pro western. but they don't have that. they are governed by ayatollitoll khomenei. he has a cult. it's aggressive. he talks about sournlg of terrorism. he long conducts as we speak now terrorist operations in dozens of countries. he speaks of the tragedy if syria. eastern's forces help us at perpetrating the massacre of tens of to yous of men, women and children as the we speak. it's one thing to say one thing and another of what they do. i look at what they do, not what they say.

>> was eight mistake for president obama to call him?

>> i don't think the call is the essential thing. the essential thing is the substance. what happened in the negotiations? i think we don't let eastern get away with it.

>> reporter: doesn't this diplomacy make it more difficult for israel? the rest of the world is saying h hoo-rah, iran is changing.

>> i talk to people. people are not that gullible. in fact, they're not that gullible. they're not foolish.

>> do you trust the president, president obama to stand by you?

>> i believe the president will stand, we have a common goal to prevent iran. he said important things. he said it's not words alone, even words are not enough. it has to be meaningful action. we are talking.

>> reporter: john kerry responded today to netanahu's comments.

>> andrea mitchell in washington. thank