TODAY   |  October 03, 2013

No deal in sight after White House meeting

President Obama met for more than an hour with congressional leaders Wednesday evening, saying he will not negotiate as the government shutdown continues into its third day. The shutdown isn’t just affecting national parks, but national security too, reports NBC’s Peter Alexander.

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>> the government shutdown entering its third day the blame game between democrats and republicans is not letting up even after a key meeting late yesterday. nbc white house correspondent peter alexander has the latest. what can you tell us?

>> hi, savannah, we will have a warning about how this shutdown is now also threatening national security . but any hopes that this session would be resolved by putting the president and republican and democratic leaders behind closed doors at the white house to hash things out. they were quickly shut down yesterday, themselves. at this point it appears this shutdown is no closer to an end. with the paralyzing government shutdown in its third day, no signs of a break through, even after congressional leaders have an hour with the president wednesday night. their first gathering since the shutdown began.

>> the president reiterated one more time tonight he will not negotiate.

>> we are where we are. we are not going to play, we are through playing these little games .

>> reporter: the stalemate could last until the 17th when the nation faces default, an economic catastrophe, if congress doesn't raise its borrowing limit. in an interview on cnbc, president obama blamed republicans insistingthere is reasons for concern.

>> when you have a situation if which a faction is willing, potentially, to default on u.s. government obligations, then we are in trouble.

>> reporter: the shutdown isn't just impacting national parks but national security , too. the man who oversees the cia and nsa telling congress 70% of the country's intelligence an liths have been ordered to stay home.

>> the serious damages, our ability to protect the safety and security of this nation and as citizens.

>> reporter: at the fbi's headquarters, 50% were furloughed. at the national institutes of health with three-quarters of the staff off the job, about 36 people could be shut out of cancer trials this week alone. d.c., the war memorial was closed to all other tourists. they confronted a park ranger demanding she opened it to all.

>> park service should by a shamed of themselves.

>> reporter: a federal furloughed worker confronted the person.

>> this woman is doing her job. i am a 30 year veteran. it's because the government won't do its job and pass a budget.

>> reporter: the cost of the economy, of course, significant, too. by one estimate $300 million a day in lost productivity, better put, about a half million since i began this report savannah, matt.