TODAY   |  October 03, 2013

Michael Jackson family loses wrongful death suit

A Los Angeles court ruled Thursday that concert promoter AEG was not responsible for pop star Michael Jackson’s death, and while the jury members found Dr. Conrad Murray competent, they also said his actions were “unethical.”

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>> ruling against michael jackson 's family in that month long civil trial tied to the singer's death. we will speak exclusively with dr. conrad murray from jail in a moment.

>> reporter: it was an unequivocal win for aeg live , the promoters said, yes, they did hire dr. conrad murray , convicted of manslaughter for giving michael jackson the propofol that killed him. the second question, was murray unfit at the time ag hired him? the case was no. the case for damages for the jackson family has ended.

>> the jury said aeg isn't responsible.

>> reporter: the verdict was a clear win for aeg . despite the wording of that second question, it was nothing close to vind indication for dr. conrad murray , as the jury made clear. the jury foreman said he was competent as the general practitioner . in the end, he was very unethic a. he did something he shouldn't have done.

>> they found he will have little impact on the prevailing view he is the doctor that killed michael jackson .

>> we are challenging on the feel. we'll see what happens with that.

>> reporter: the jurors said aeg was not responsible whatever the doctor did in a sealed off room at the last days of his life.

>> how could aeg have known anything, if they were kept in the dark .

>> aeg didn't do something wrong here. they weren't going to let temss be shaken down.

>> reporter: the expensive loss for katherine jackson who sought over a billion dollars in damages.

>> we, of course, are not happy with the result as it stands now.

>> reporter: an understatement with so many