TODAY   |  October 02, 2013

KLG: I ‘dropped dead’ in a dream when I was 7

A new study describes the meanings of some common dreams, prompting Kathie Lee to recount one she had when she was 7: Dropping dead while she was raking leaves and seeing Jesus making a campfire.

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>> oh, hello, everybody. we're happy you're with us today. it's wines day wednesday. always one of our favorite days of the week. it's october 2nd .

>> and it's especially big because we have a new edition to our studio. brand new studio now has a brand new edition just for us. we have a bar! it's in the orange room and look at all of --

>> it's almost got like -- it's like almost loaded.

>> it really is. the kind that you can wheel in and wheel out.

>> yes.

>> i like it. hey, hey, hey, hey.

>> we have a lot to toast anyway, hoda. you know what?

>> what?

>> we survived our first week as columnists at "the daily news," and they invited us back!

>> this is very important. according to them, we're still brilliant.

>> let's see how long we can roll with that.

>> we're excited about our column tomorrow.

>> hopefully, it's going to be in every thursday, until they kick us off. we're having a lot of fun with them. they come over and cram into my little dressing room and the four of us talk for about, what, 15, 20 minutes ?

>> yeah, it's fun.

>> and don and rockey.

>> she spell it is very unusually. she could never go on daytime television because she has a mouth, but we like our rockey.

>> she does. snl will be big this weekend, "saturday night live." miley cyrus will be the host and the musical guest .

>> a lot of work for her. she's 20. she can do it.

>> promos are out.

>> let's take a peek.

>> i'll be the musical guest and host this week on snl.

>> do you mind me asking why you're always sticking out your tongue?

>> that's how i smell.

>> like a snake?

>> yeah. are you wearing women's deodorant?

>> no.

>> that's cute. she has to be able to make fun of herself.

>> you've got to or she'll die.

>> i wonder what kind of musical number she'll do.

>> probably a little wreckin' ball. what's the other one? can't stop, something like that? she's a very good singer, very talented lady. and she won't, because it's network tv , be able to be naked.

>> she'll have to wear something. this will be good to see.

>> we'll hear all the scoop.

>>> paging through the papers and maureen, writer for " vanity fair ," wife of the late tim russert .

>> and a lady.

>> really great lady.

>> she broke this story that's on the front page of "the post." it talks about how mia farrow 's son may not be woody allen 's son but frank sinatra 's son.

>> that would be a chasm to go across. spectrum, is the word i'm looking for. shall we look at -- who do you think? take a visual look at who do you think this young man -- do we have that, you guys?

>> yeah, we have the picture.

>> here is frank sinatra .

>> mia farrow .

>> 21 years old when she married him.

>> you can read the whole thing in vanity fair . but this is --

>> that's her with woody. so now let's see who -- who's your daddy?

>> who picked those pictures?

>> i'm just saying.

>> i'm sorry, but he looks like the spitting image of frank sinatra . we would love to know what you all think.

>> no paternity test has been taken.

>> that's fascinating to me. if somebody told me that so-and-so might be my mother or might be my father, personally i would want to know definitively. i just would. it would just be important to me. i'm not saying he should or shouldn't. it may not be important to him. probably not, if he hasn't done it. this guy -- this kid with his a rhodes scholar , in college when he was 11, he is an attorney. apparently a great singer, but woody is a terrific musician as well.

>> they say he sings like frank.

>> haven't heard him sing.

>> that's what they said.

>> wow, wow, wow!

>> that's juicy.

>> apparently very, very close to the sinatra family.

>> sinatra family is embracing him, saying they're happy to have him as part of the family. maureen spent a lot of time working on that article for " vanity fair ."

>> yeah.

>>> when you went to sleep last night, did you have any nightmares? you always wonder when you have those weird nightmares like --

>> what do they mean.

>> what do they mean? one of the most common is your teeth falling out. i've had that one once. what does that mean? that means you have a fear of rejection or the consequences of getting old.

>> right on both cases, i would say. that's pretty much nailing it.

>> the one that i have all the time, and i hate it -- but i have it constantly -- is i'm running away and someone is chasing me and i can hardly move.

>> slow motion.

>> and then i try to scream because he's grabbing me and i can't scream. i can't say anything and i am terrify terrified. if i'm going to get mugged, i hope i can scream. oh, lord.

>> get a grip.

>> you've dreamt of dying.

>> very weird. they're saying you can never die in your dreams but i vividly remember a dream when i was about 7 years old where i did die and i was out raking leaves with my family. it was a beautiful, beautiful autumn day. i look up to the beautiful autumn sky. jesus is sitting on a big cloud, like an indian sits, indian style and making a fire, looks down and says my name very nicely, and i am out of there. gone! gone!

>> you drop dead ?

>> drop dead .

>> what did they say that means?

>> big changes are ahead for you.

>> when you have death, you always think it could be table terrible, but it could mean you have big changes ahead of you or something not so great.

>> mine have been about --

>> destructive behavior. that's what it could mean.

>> i was 7 years old. what did i do that was destructive?

>> we don't know. we don't know.

>> that was later when i was about 27.

>> tell your other weird dream.

>> i have a performance-anxiety dream, which i thought would be higher on the list. that panic you get when you haven't rehearsed for like a recital. you haven't -- you have to study for a test. in my case, i'm never in front of an audience. it's before you go in front of an audience. and i haven't studied is what it usually -- i haven't learned a script. i'm going to have to go out there and fake it.

>> what does that mean?

>> it means -- it correlates directly to being unprepared or nervous in waking life .

>> . but i don't usually feel that i'm nervous.

>> what about that weird one with all that gum in your mouth?

>> it's not weird. just unusual.

>> have you ever dreamed -- and you got tons of gum in your mouth and you just can't get it out?

>> so you try to talk? what are you doing?

>> trying to get it out and you just can't. you can't stick your finger in there and get it. i don't know what that --

>> here is what it means. you're experiencing some indecision, powerlessness or frustration. your current problem is overwhelming.

>> then what's my current problem? because it's almost every night.

>> remember when i told you no one could hear my screams? it means helplessness and frustration in some situation or difficulty in communicating with this person. and sometimes i dream that i'm falling.

>> all the time. insecurity and instabilities. boy, we're a wreck. how do we make it here on time in the morning?

>> apparently last night was another big night for "the voice." i wonder if they're nervous when they go on.

>> some of them are in knots. let's check out some of the blind auditions.

>> it's getting really -- i have to say, i might like the blind auditions more than any part of it.

>> you said in the beginning, though --

>> it's so fun. was someone raiding our bar? i heard someone was raiding our bar.

>> brooke shields again?

>> no, blair.

>> blair underwood .

>> that would be mean. i'm seeing what you've got.

>> what do you think of it?

>> i see some bourbon down here.

>> you've been using as part of your character on "ironside."

>> no, this is whiskey.

>> too early for this, right?

>> no.

>> no.

>> nah, nah.

>> we'll talk to blair in a little bit.

>> he is a sweetheart.

>> i know.

>> his show airs tonight and we're hoping for a big hit for him and nbc.

>>> kim kardashian is back in the public eye.

>> decided to instagram the gifts she got from people and put them out on instagram for baby north, including designers.

>> oh, whoa!

>> that is how she was walking around in paris .

>> nobody noticed. not in paris . it's fashion week in paris . yeah.

>> anyway, here are some of the things. she may have very well instagram or tweeted those out because she made a deal.

>> could be. might be. when i was first pregnant with my son, who hates it when i tell these kind of stories. he's doing crystal meth right now and doesn't know anyway. that's just a little joke. yeah, i got over 1,000 handmade gifts.

>> oh, my gosh!

>> from people all over the country. but mine were like a rocking horse from somebody that whittled. what is that called when you do that? down in kentucky. and cribs and -- beautiful. i couldn't keep everything, of course. some homeless shelters got some very, very cool gifts, but i remember feeling an obligation -- not an obligation but a privilege of sharing my stories about him with this loving audience out there. and it wasn't like you're trying to show off. it's just you feel so blessed with people that have reached out with you lovingly like that. you don't want to judge what you -- she might be saying -- that's her world. mine is, you know, a little horsey from kentucky, you know. who knows. i haven't spoken to her. i don't know what was in her mind. i know what was on her chest.

>> we are having a little drink today. "fifty shades of gray" has come out with --

>> like she needs more money.

>> $17.99. red satin and white silk, inspired by her novel, because wine is a theme.

>> apparently wine is a huge theme of the book. i might read the books now, now that i know that. not interested in the sex, but the wine -- that's a nice bouquet.

>> pretty nice. doesn't matter. she doesn't need the money.

>> i like the red. this red tastes kind of like -- it's good.