TODAY   |  October 02, 2013

Women and hair loss: What you can do

Dermatologist Dr. Susan Taylor and hairstylist Lucinda Ellery address the challenges of thinning hair for women, showing how to style hair to make it look fuller and explaining what medical treatment options are available.

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>>> have you ever had clumps of hair fall out when you're in the shower or started noticing bald spots and wonder what's happening?

>> hair loss can be devastating for many, many women. so, what can we do about it, hoda?

>> dr. susan taylor is a dermatologist who treats hair loss patients and lucinda hilary is a hairstylist who knows firsthand the challenges of styling thinning hair.

>> good morning, ladies.

>> you were through a tough time when you were 9 years old, tremendous stress with a family loss and lost your hair at that age because of stress?

>> virtually two-thirds of it overnight.

>> you're kidding me?

>> big shock.

>> how did it come back?

>> it took a few years to get back to normal and, you know, i have been working with it ever since. my goodness.

>> oh, i'm sorry.

>> look. and those aren't extensions.

>> no, no.

>> that's real hair.

>> i have a studio.

>> what she has with the stress, alopecia, is very common?

>> there are many causes of alopecia. there can be too much of the male hormone, thyroid disease , hereditary problems, female pattern alopecia. very common cause . many different cause.

>> these are solutions, i guess, on the table. do these work?

>> some of these work for certain types of hair loss . female pattern hair loss . we have all heard of minoxidil.

>> for men.

>> but also for women. that can help us retain our hair and in some cases regrow hair.

>> if there's a follicle there, should you be able to grow hair?

>> you're absolutely right. the b vitamin has been demonstrated to help some women regrow hair, biotin. visical.

>> no one told me.

>> these two lovely ladies, erin and kelly. we have a before picture, i think, of this lovely lady. we can see, this is the before. now show us what you did after to give us some more fullness.

>> basically what i have done, if you look at erin's scalp, you can see -- i don't know if the camera can actually see. she's quite scalpy. more scalp showing. with her hair, you can see. what we've done is actually done some back brushing.

>> teasing in my day.

>> a comb doesn't do the hair any good. this thins down here. if you brush like this, you get amazing volume. it brushes out quickly. playing with your hair, loving it and enjoying it. i thought i would do something more mad men for her and take a couple of seconds. keep your hair loose at the back so you have this hanging hair. you can do something like this, literally, it can make her hair look fab us.

>> adorable.

>> let's move down to our next lovely lady and show her before picture, if we could. and tell us what you've done.

>> what we've done here is she has quite -- again, i don't know where your cameras are.

>> they'll find you.

>> again, it's not hugely dense at the roots. you can see quite a lot of rootage there. what we've got is a simple little topper which we've put into her hair. you would support this. give it a bit of a brush. you can support it and make it look absolutely gorgeous.

>> they're something.

>> they really are. you can find them close to your color or get them made for your hair.

>> we really appreciate it. thank you for joining us.

>>> tomorrow, zachary levi is with us.

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