TODAY   |  October 02, 2013

David Arquette discusses mentoring kids in new show

Actor David Arquette tells Kathie Lee and Hoda about his new project: helping troubled teens turn their lives around on a new reality show. He also lets Kathie Lee and Hoda test their graffiti abilities, with some surprising results.

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>>> actor, director and producer david arquette has appeared in thousands of films.

>> he is tacked to be a teacher in the new reality series "dream school" where the kids are dropouts and the faculty is famous. he helps 15 teens get their high school degrees. as david finds out, some students need a little tough love.

>> you have never seen a movie you didn't like?

>> you asked me a question and i answered your question.

>> you know what? that feels like you're not challenging yourself on even answering the simplest of questions. i'm not trying to like be mean.

>> okay. i'm just saying.

>> you're choosing not to engage. you could just participate in the environment that we're trying to teach you something, or you could sleep your life away, which is also a choose.

>> i choose to sleep it away. next.

>> ooh.

>> who won at the end?

>> wow!

>> we would love to know that.

>> she's a beautiful girl . she was pregnant at the time and she was probably tired.

>> hormonal.

>> absolutely.

>> welcome back.

>> thank you.

>> nice to see you. you do have a lot of different talent that is people don't know. teaching was just one of many. the concept of this show, by the way, i think is terrific. we hear about the dropout rate, which is 50% in some schools.

>> terrible. does this have an impact, david , or is it one of those things we see on tv?

>> it's an actual real, you know, school in a sense. you know, they get 10 credits if they graduate. there's a real dean, who is a great guy, dr. keller. and there's three qualified teachers and then it's us. it's myself, fi'ty cent lays down the rules.

>> they all know him.

>> get such a kick out of it. jesse jackson teaches them. my friend there teaches them scre screen writing, story telling .

>> they have a real opportunity to turn their lives around. everyone had some real trouble in their lives.

>> they are come from different backgrounds. most of them have been bullied or did bully people. one of the kids, devon, an amazing kid -- his mother got sick and he took care of her for a couple of years.

>> and fell back because of that?

>> yeah.

>> how do kids get in this? i know a lot of kids would want to be involved.

>> it's just a show for now. we did six episodes. it's a 30-day course. if it goes well, people will tune in and watch it, we'll be able to do more.

>> how did it change you?

>> i don't know. i could relate to the kids and just seeing them and connecting with them. it's a really heartfelt show. i mean, these kids go through a journey and it's really amazing to watch.

>> sometimes you just need one person to believe in you.

>> somebody to believe in you.

>> just one.

>> yeah.

>> we have on these white lab coat .

>> because we're proctologists.

>> my drama teacher inspired me. i was doing graffiti, running around and going crazy but he inspired me to go into drama. i was talking to your producers and they were like, can you do some graffiti on the set? is.

>> that's why we're up here.

>> which one is me?

>> these are all my pieces they're showing.

>> why do we have two fresh ones right here?

>> we're supposed to be painting.

>> you do whatever you want .

>> is david helping us?

>> we'll help you.

>> what's the point otherwise?

>> i don't know. just go for it. just go for it. there's no mistakes. very nice. i like it.

>> that's your head.

>> beautiful.

>> lovely.

>> going to give you a little mouth there.

>> oh, my gosh, look at this guy. it's crazy!

>> david , that's you.

>> amazing.

>> thank you.

>> i'm going to give you some green crazy eyes .

>> nice. by the way, by the way --

>> you're getting a big bow tie.

>> he's crying. david is crying.

>> oh, my gosh, i actually love it. sad, david arquette .

>> you can catch david 's show "the dream school" on october