TODAY   |  October 02, 2013

Eat and run: KFC offers cup-holder containers

The TODAY anchors and guest co-host Brooke Shields talk about some situations that can make you feel awkward, like arriving at a place before the rest of the group, or handshakes you aren’t prepared for.

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>>> welcome back to today on this wednesday morning, october 2nd , 2013 . great day outside here in new york city . i'm willie geist along with al, natalie and brooke. and we're going to do a little eating and driving.

>> okay.

>> kfc has these new take out kfc to go little tumblers that fit inside your car's cup holder .

>> they're go cups.

>> they're go cups.

>> i think we should forget this and just do the drive-thru and hang your head out and open your mouth and have them --

>> cut out the middleman.

>> cut out the middleman.

>> is this a distraction at all? eating as you drive?

>> we all do.

>> it's probably cleaner. how many times do you spill stuff all over the console.

>> right.

>> i just love, the cup holders are great real estate in the car. how often is it holding a drink? it's holding my cell phone and my keys and everything else.

>> i guess there's some fear that it could be dangerous but if you put this in, it's finger foods , fries, it's a chicken tender.

>> one handed.

>> and there's a mini bun. it's a whole mini sandwich.

>> are we encouraging people to drive and eat, though.

>> i don't think we're encouraging.

>> people are doing it anyway.

>> it's not like they're not doing it.

>> i don't know. i'm not sure how i feel.

>> it's delightful by the way. the contents are incredible. al, you do the weather while we eat.

>> that's right. now i'm going to get grease all over it.