TODAY   |  October 02, 2013

‘Top Chef’ judge whips up delicious seafood recipe

“Top Chef” is returning with its 11th season, and judges Tom Colicchio and Padma Lakshmi join the TODAY anchors to whip up a delicious seafood recipe with clams, calamari and crabmeat.

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>> 8:52. bravo's top chef kicks off it's 11th season tonight. contestants are heading to new orleans . a city known for great cusine.

>> they brought a little southern flair with them. i think i watched all ten seasons and i don't want anything to change but there's differences this time.

>> there's a few differences but, you know, we kept the essence of the show. so i don't think you'll be disappointed at all. we were very excited to be in new orleans . in fact, tom is going to make you this wonderful dish with a lot of seafood.

>> it's a scam. you get to spend all this time in new orleans and you call it work.

>> you got a nice place too. i got to get in on some of that. what's interesting about new orleans , we all know about the gumbos and all of that stuff but what most people don't realize is there's a real vibrant vietnamese community.

>> yes, there is. we would eat it often after the show. we have judges table which takes a long time so we would eat it every night.

>> this is inspired from some of the things we have there. pepper, ginger, scallion and then we have squid.

>> what are we making.

>> calamari.

>> we just toss it in the oil and it gets hot.

>> no, no, no --

>> usually it's me that gets in trouble.

>> rice.

>> a little bit of fish sauce there and then some chicken stock .

>> now he put some scallion, there's some ginger, there's a little bit of a cinnamon stick in there. there's pepper as well. those are pretty much the flavors of vietnamese cooking. you could make this dish with other spices or just curry powder and it would be a completely different dish.

>> what if seafood wasn't your cup of sea.

>> you could do a vegetarian one.

>> the longer it cooks the better it gets.

>> slow and low. so it's still simmering away and when we finish it, it cooks for about 20 minutes . about 17 minutes in add the shrimp and add the crab.

>> 17 minutes.

>> then at the very end we finish it with chopped basil, more scallion top, more and peppers and grating of lime.

>> that's it.

>> let's just real quickly some dessert, new orleans style.

>> yes, come back here.

>> i will show you the most easy dessert in the world.

>> what's it called.

>> berries and cream with a liquor made from blackberries and raspberries but i'm using these too. you stir this in and once it dissolves you'll add it and if you're worried about serving alcohol in a dessert, the alcohol will burn off so you don't have to worry. you can just leave it out.

>> that's not a selling point for me.

>> you can add more alcohol.

>> okay.

>> and then i'm also going to add a couple of bay leaves because i think they add a beautiful nice aroma.

>> then you're going to cook that down.

>> you're going to cook that down. it's going to cook for 12 or 10 minutes and that's it. what's great about this is if you do hot berry sauce over frozen yogurt or ice cream it will all