TODAY   |  October 02, 2013

Blair Underwood: New ‘Ironside’ ‘edgier,’ ‘grittier’

The actor who playst the title character in the newly reimagined show “Ironside” tells TODAY that while the premise of a cop in a wheelchair is the same, the show is set in New York City instead of San Francisco and has a different feel than the classic Raymond Burr series.

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>> of that we bring in a cool guy and great actor. blair underwood is here. he is starring in the new nbc series. it's a take on a classic iron side. good to see you.

>> first take a pole. raise your hand if you're old enough to have seen the original ironside on tv.

>> what year was it?

>> it went off the air in '75.

>> that's a good run.

>> great run.

>> it's reimagined.

>> i don't say remake because it was so incredible and has been done. so this is new york city number one. the original is san francisco . it's me. it's 2013 so it's edgier. it's faster. it's grittier and it's fun stuff, man.

>> and you updated the character as well. it seems like there's more dementions to his life.

>> he gets some action.

>> look at you. he loves the lay dis.

>> and the ladies love him.

>> let's hope so. the thing is what made the original so great is that he was quick in thinking and his reasoning. he was an incredible detective. that's what he is.

>> shoot this differently. speaking of the wheelchair, what do you do to give us that from your character.

>> low camera angles. my mother is in a wheelchair and has been for more than a decade and she says my world is 4 feet