TODAY   |  October 02, 2013

Which is fake: Horse soccer or edible soil?

As part of TODAY’s “Fact or Fiction” challenge, Carson Daly invites anchors and viewers alike to put their internal lie detectors to the test with two stories, one real and the other completely made up. Which would you choose?

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>>> all right. we're back. day two. help me out everybody, of --

>> fact or fiction.

>> it's our way of making you a better news consumer in this age of information overload. the object is to spot the fake story. al and natalie got off to a shaky start on tuesday. they thought matt's extreme ironing segment was bogus but savannah, sean hayes gave you -- sean got you a point.

>> where is he?

>> we need him back.

>> natalie is here to present two stories.

>> our first story involves the natural food movement which is more popular than ever. one vermont native is selling what he calls the least processed food on earth, but would you be willing to eat it?

>> would you like to try a sample? edible earth.

>> this is called soil.

>> yes, soyle. greg billings sells dirt. but it's not intended for flower gardens . it's for eating.

>> i'm not saying have a whole bowl of dirt but the right amount of soyle is filled with minerals and good material.

>> if you're wandering why anyone would eat dirt that's what he was wondering when his partner was pregnant with his youngest child.

>> he dropped a banana at a picnic and even though it was covered in dirt i wanted it.

>> it's actually a real thing and has been done all over the world.

>> he spent his free time sourcing and tasting various types of dirt as he tried to get his company off the ground.

>> it was tough. people didn't get it.

>> reporter: but when he started offering free samples at upscale stores he hit pay dirt. today he charges over $20 for a small bag. still some health experts have their doubt.

>> dirt does contain nutrients and fiber but it also contains fecal matter .

>> reporter: he says he bakes his product low and slow killing any harmful bacteria. whether that's enough to convince mainstream america that dirt is something they want in their kitchens is another story.

>> i'm sure the first guy that said let's put water in plastic bottles was laughed out of the room but i think i found the next big thing and all hi to do is look down.

>> who's hungry? matt, al, savannah?

>> i didn't hear a thing after fecal matter . that's the last thing i heard.

>> your brain shutdown?

>> shut right down.

>> any quick thoughts?

>> no, i want to see the next one.

>> we've been able to eat dirt cheap for years.

>> natalie , story number two.

>> well, i think i tried just about every sport on the planet. well, guess what, i was wrong. [ rooster crowing ]

>> home to the dairy farm , paper mill and hoof ball.

>> goal.

>> in the cut throat world he has seen it all.

>> does it ever get dirty out there?

>> all the time. most players are not very nice.

>> we're talking horses or people?

>> we'd like to get things underway with our national anth anthem.

>> reporter: while shin guards are optional, biting and lying on the ground are not allowed or it's back to the barn.

>> do you ever feel like a horses ass?

>> do you think i could do this?

>> i think could. the problem is to be able to get a horse to pass in a straight direction without getting too far off.

>> get in there. get in there. come on.

>> reporter: even an mvp like oreo isn't too high on his horse to pose with an amateur like me.

>> well, there you have it, guys. what do you think? any thoughts?

>> i think i know which one is fake.

>> you think for sure?

>> i feel confident.

>> matt you had great indicators in your story. did you see any?

>> i was looking for things that might trip me up or natalie up on this and i did not detect any.

>> not sure? al.

>> this is going to be a tough one.

>> i'll give you guys a second to think about it. let's go to our plaza audience. hold up your card, the story you think is fiction. it's either the soil or the horse sporting event . which ever one you think is fake. pretty split.

>> that's pretty split.

>> this is going to be a good one here.

>> we did a good job, then.

>> the time has come, al, which story is fiction. you're going with soil.

>> you don't believe that's true.

>> i say it's soil because you can't make those horses kick those balls around for a fake story.

>> okay. a little explanation, matt.

>> i think they're both fake.

>> no, you have to pick one.

>> i think the soil is fake.

>> unanimous for our consistent. savannah has the lead thanks to sean hayes yesterday. tweet us with the #soil or hoof ball. it's a cliff hanger we do. we'll be right back with the answer, but first, this is "today" on nbc.

>>> all right, everybody. we are back with the results of fact or fiction. day two, the game show that's sweeping the country and is challenging you to spot the fake story. is so is it soyle, the least processed food on earth or hoof ball. our studio audience is pretty split down the middle. natalie is presented the two stories today and will throw a little wrench into our process here. matt, do you want to ask the gang --

>> well, you all seemed so sure of yourselves so therefore i'm going to put you to the test to make sure you give it a good try. here's soil.

>> anybody willing to eat dirt.

>> wait a second, we're not saying it's not real soil. we're just saying no one would sell it.

>> do you want to try it?

>> no, it's fake.

>> you going to eat it?

>> remember the fecal part, matt?

>> fecal matter .

>> oh, what does it taste like.

>> how does it taste? taste good.

>> you should try it. it's fantastic.

>> well, you are absolutely -- you got a poll online.

>> it was 68% that think soil is the fake story.

>> okay.

>> so our contestants and people at home. you are right as are the 68%.

>> now, what did i just eat, though.

>> this is oreo cookie , in fact. there are two video clues. if you take a look at the video, there is a quick shot of the wife in the pantry and right next to the soil product. linda tera and in her pantry she has the product in the pantry with the oreo cookies next to it.

>> that's not a clue. everybody has that.

>> by the way, the league is an amazing team and a lot of fun to play with. what they do is great work and it's great for the horses and for the family.

>> can i just ask one question. you wouldn't have actually let me eaten the soil.

>> yes.

>> you know she would have.

>> when you see fecal matter i said you to try it.

>> and with that, thank you very much natalie . congratulations to those of you that got it right. two more stories to play tomorrow and at the end of the week, the host with the most points is going to get five grand for his or her charity.

>> a point from sean hayes .

>> how does she get that.

>> don't relitigate. no.

>> that's a bunch of fecal matter if you ask me.