TODAY   |  October 02, 2013

Pillow talk: Common nightmares explained

Dreams of teeth falling out relate to a fear of aging; dreaming of drowning shows that you’re overwhelmed by emotions. That’s part of the findings of, which has compiled a list of the meanings behind common dreams.

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>> on msn, your most common nightmares explained. dream compiled a list of what all the dreams really mean. let's start with the most common one, especially for savannah.

>> yes.

>> teeth falling out.

>> i have this all the time.

>> you to go to the dentist.

>> all the time.

>> experts say it's a fear of aging.

>> wow.

>> i'll buy it.

>> convey an imagine of beauty and this dream points to a fear of feeling unattractive or a fear of dentists.

>> or fear of your teeth disintegrating. i had a tooth literally fall out. it was a premonition.

>> in your sleep?

>> no i was in a shopping store and shopping and it fell out.

>> i've never had the tooth dream .

>> it's more women.

>> now savannah goes to my dentist.

>> i do, exactly.

>> here's another one on that topic.

>> i have the late dream . i'm always late for something.

>> you had that dream recently. first time ever.

>> yeah.

>> i also dremt i ate a giant marshmallow and my pillow was missing.

>> if you're dreaming of drowning, you're overwhelmed by emotions. repressed issues coming back to haunt you.

>> do you know what it means if you have the reoccurring dream that you're swimming with scarlet johansson ? i have that a lot.

>> learning a lot about you carson.

>> nightmares about your own death. experts say this usually means big changes are ahead for your life. i had that dream two weeks ago before i got this job.

>> that's a big change.

>> my sister has this fear that when you have the anxiety dreams it's a stress reliever because when you wake up you're so relieved that you feel better.

>> i hate waking up from bad dreams .

>> you're afraid if you go back to sleep you'll pick upright where you left off.

>> that is what --