TODAY   |  October 02, 2013

Labrador befriends boy with Down syndrome

A gentle Labrador retriever named Himalaya wouldn’t take no for an answer when the 3-year-old boy, whose mother says is often shy about physical contact, wasn’t so sure about the pup’s advances. The dog’s rolling on her back and placing a paw on the boy’s shoulder finally broke the ice, and he appears to hug her.

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>> going to melt your heart. i love this video. it's trending on huffington post , the gentle dog that refused to give up on a little bit. meet the 3-year-old. he has down syndrome. his mom says he is usually shy about physical contact so when a lab approaches him the boy backs away but she's persistent rolling on her back and placing a paw on his shoulder and finally the warm gestures break the ice and he starts to play with the dog even appearing to hug her and that seals the new friendship. this goes on for about four minutes. it's the most beautiful video.

>> that's sweet.

>> yeah it is.

>> it will make you smile. a tear in your eye.

>> can we put the whole thing on the website?

>> it's beautiful.

>> that dog really was not giving up on him.