TODAY   |  October 02, 2013

Age of innocence? Risks of early teen dating

A new study from the Journal of Adolescence shows that kids who start relationships as young as age 12 have higher incidences of unsafe sexual activity, underage drinking and criminal behavior.

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>> trending from the wall street journal this morning, the age of innocence . parents wary of their teens dating too soon have research to back them up. kids that started relationships as young as age 12 were more likely to engage in unsafe sexual activity, alcohol use, and criminal behavior. but teens that delayed dating to age 15 appeared to have fewer social and emotional issues. and interesting study.

>> 12.

>> wow.

>> i have a 12-year-old.

>> that's allowed to date or not allowed to date?

>> no.

>> i don't know.

>> my kids are not even interested in girls at 10.

>> my son's friends say they're dating someone but that doesn't mean they've ever been alone together.

>> a group kind of.

>> yeah, that's how i remember.

>> wast your number.

>> how old?

>> 20.

>> i think it will depend on houma tour he is. but he's in the 30s.

>> what about your daughter? going to the convent?