TODAY   |  October 02, 2013

Late-night talk shows have heyday with shutdown

While the government shutdown may not be a laughing matter to most, the comedians on the late-night talk shows had some good fun with the news, including “The Colbert Report” and “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.”

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>>> carson is here and is going to prove to us that the government shutdown is hilarious.

>> it's not funny but there's guys making it funny. it's not good business for everybody but if you're in the late night talk showbiz this is one thing you're enjoying right now. i'll give you a sampling of the boys in action yesterday. take a look.

>> the government of the united states officially closed for business. finally, a chance to use our famous nation building skills right at home.

>>> that's right. members of congress were drinking while debating the government shutdown which explains that one point where they said the floor recognizes the representative from margaritaville.

>> obama care started. that means you can complain to the doctor about the government making you sick.

>> maybe if you explained obama care we could resolve this issue quicker.

>> obama care is a simple affordable plan, to help insure all americans.

>> what does that mean?

>> no [ bleep ] clue.

>> well, that's their take on it. we want to get yours. use the #dearcongress and let us know what you think. that's going on today.

>> maybe the comedy writers were also shutdown.

>> you didn't think it was that funny.