TODAY   |  October 02, 2013

Vintage plane forced to land on highway during test

A sales pitch went unexpectedly wrong when the potential buyer of a vintage aircraft was forced to land on a highway during a test flight after the plane lost power. The incident was captured on video.

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>>> it was a sales pitch that went horribly wrong and all played out thousands of miles in the air but this is where it ended up on a florida highway. he was trying to sell his vintage plane. he was right in the middle of a test flight with a potential buyer when the plane lost power. he to then land on the highway but after further inspection decided to go ahead and take off again using the road as a run way. no word on whether or not the sale went through although if i were a perspective buyer i'm not sure i'd stay in the plane.

>> a little discount.

>> the price going down right there with the plane.