TODAY   |  October 02, 2013

#DearCongress: Americans sound off on shutdown

Just a few minutes after TODAY’s Carson Daly invited viewers to sound off their frustrations using #DearCongress, the hashtag was trending nationwide. Carson has rounded up the best of the responses, from tweets to memes to Vines.

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>>> the dear congress hashtag yesterday.

>> we wanted a forum for you to vent. let us know your thoughts. sound off on the topics. we created the hashtag. and it was the number one trending topic at one point. we got a tremendous amount of facebook posts and vine videos. we're glad you found us as a home to sound off.

>> dear congress, it's obvious you no longer care about the welfare of those you represent.

>> one vine suggests congress is going to the dogs. on instagram the hashtag got messages from movie characters like from the matrix and there's even a scolding from george washington . on twitter, megan shared advice from abraham lincoln . a house divided against itself cannot stand.

>> maybe someone else could get the job done, like the at&t guy and his gang of kindergarteners.

>> when you say it like that it makes perfect sense.

>> your actions make children look like a debate of scholars.

>> one woman used a trick he uses when her kids don't get along. on instagram, a telling message on voting.

>> dear congress, do you ever wonder why young people don't vote? this is why.

>> there you go. just a few of what you had to say. if you look over here, the #dearcongress yesterday was so popular we have a word cloud here. the size of these words represents how many times these words populated some of the messages we were getting. you see paycheck, government, even ego and shame. big themes that were out there. coming up later we'll give you a highlight clip of the late night hosts. they're the only people on the planet enjoying the government shutdown .

>> not to get preaching here but the woman that said this is why young people don't vote, this is why young people should vote. it's the opposite of that but i think her sentiment is understood by a lot of people.

>> yes, sir, good point.

>> got it.