TODAY   |  October 02, 2013

Pope, cardinals restructuring Vatican constitution

Pope Francis and eight cardinals are meeting to discuss changes to the Vatican’s constitution, which would add to a long list of other changes the new pontiff has made in his first six months. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>> where the pope is holding a ground breaking meeting with card nals. it could lead for bigger changes to the world's 1 billion catholics. michelle kosinski has the latest on that. good morning.

>> hi, matt. in the months since pope francis has been a pope he's been called a rock star and revolutionary and giving lengthy interviews, calling up people on the phone and spelling out what he wants to do to make the 2,000-year-old church more modern and more meaningful.

>> reporter: this isn't any vatican meeting. for three days pope francis and 8 cardinals including an american are talking real change here.

>> so this is all a big deal , isn't it?

>> it is a big deal . what the pope is saying is that the vatican is here to serve the universal church .

>> reporter: they will look at rewriting the vatican 's constitution, how the administration works. the pope has already spoken out incredibly candidly in interviews just published, one of them with an atheist tackling head on a number of topics the church doesn't address. criticizing the structure itself. heads of the church have often been narcissists flattered and thrilled. the court is the lepracy of the papacy.

>> he is throwing out how they usually do things.

>> they say he should act like a missionary. not so easy when the catholic church is a multibillionaire. the vatican bank just released an annual report thanks to pope francis insistence on transparency revealing profits that quadrupled to nearly $117 million. he is going to examine the bank and reform it. and if a homosexual person is in good will and in search of god i am no one to judge. also saying it is necessary to explore bigger roles for women.

>> do we expect to see change?

>> there should be organizational changes right away. there could be women running many of the commissions here in the vatican .

>> pope francis has done things differently virtually from day one and people embraced him for that. he's also been active on twitter putting things out there like our lives should not be centered around money and it's not christian to not know who your neighbors