TODAY   |  October 02, 2013

Chuck Todd: No quick end for shutdown to end

NBC News political director Chuck Todd tells TODAY that he doesn’t expect to see the government to be back running again for a while. He only expects it to end if House Republicans split apart and moderates side with democrats.

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>>> chuck todd is nbc's political director and chief white house correspondence. good morning to you.

>> good morning, matt.

>> so we're, 24 hours or so into the blame game, the finger pointing, anger being vented by people at that, you know, dear congress hashtag. the question is, is there any glimmer of hope or progress or sign this could end soon?

>> no. not at all. what you saw yesterday, particularly on the republican side is the first time in about a week where publicly republicans on capitol hill looked a little bit united. they were sharing the same talking point. attacking harry reid for not negotiating saying this is about fairness. having to do with the health care law and this idea that congress gets a break. they were sharing the same set of talking points . they were all comfortable using the same set of talking points and the fact is you have the debt ceiling hanging out there. the national's credit card . we hit our credit limit in a couple of weeks. that's sitting out there. that's another leverage point republicans think they have. i think it's a political mistake but they think they have it and matt, this is all going to merge together. so they're dug in and i think we're looking at more than a week at least, maybe two.

>>> but just stay in the present for me for one second. i thought chris matthews put it good, he said the republicans are asking the president for something he can't give them by asking the health care law be dismantled that's his baby and nobody can give away their baby. can this end unless the republicans are willing to walk away with nothing?

>> no, it on the ends when the republicans split on this. you have a group of moderate republicans or senate republicans say that's it, we've had enough. some sort of public show on the senate side. a agree, i don't see how the president ever gives anything on health care other than maybe this repeal of a medical device tax or maybe some small change. but can you imagine, do house republicans sit there and say, hey, we shut down the government for a repeal of a tax on pacemakers? so that's why i can't imagine they're going to give in now on that front either.

>> all right. chuck todd in washington. thanks.