TODAY   |  October 02, 2013

Government shutdown disrupts couple’s wedding plans

Mike Cassesso and MaiLien Le were more worried about the rain ruining their wedding day than a government shutdown. But now that the Jefferson Memorial, their planned venue, is closed, they join dozens of couples seeking alternative places to tie the knot. NBC’s Peter Alexander reports.

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>> the other big story , the growing public outrage on day two of the government shutdown . peter alexander is at the national mall in washington. good morning.

>> good morning. the white house is telling us that the president cancelled the back half of his southeast asia trip scheduled to begin this weekend. he will no longer be going to malaysia and the philippines as a result of the government shutdown . it's now day two of the shutdown and the wide ranging impact is more clear. national parks closed, federal office buildings closed. the department of the army telling us 154,000 of it's civilian workers have been furloughed as the impact is hitting real people.

>> reporter: as wedding venues go, this one is historic. the jefferson memorial where they were scheduled to get married this saturday before the shutdown closed the memorials and cancelled their ambulance.

>> i wasn't worried about the government shutting down. i was worried about rain.

>> they're among two dozen couples scrambling to find new places to tie the knot this month.

>> we aren't going to have the wedding we wanted or planned after putting so much energy into it. it's really upsetting.

>> reporter: in virginia, dawn worried when she'll get her next paycheck after being furloughed by the department of health and human services .

>> it means we have to make our groceries extend for two or three weeks instead of the one week we have. we have to make the gas in the car last that much longer.

>> reporter: she and her stay at home husband have three children and a weeks worth of savings.

>> it makes our life harder because we're already down to the bare minimum.

>> reporter: across the country a growing chorus of frustration.

>> dear, congress, my name is marion is on.

>> my name is brandy.

>> reporter: americans stepping up to the mike under the #dearcongress that launched tuesday here on today.

>> i have 8 grand children and the youngest two are 9 years old and i thought if they ever acted as childish as you are i'd tell them to grow up.

>> reporter: in washington, the president and congressional republicans appear no closer to ending their standoff.

>> i urge house republicans to reopen the government.

>> harry reid , obama come to the table and negotiate. they're stalling. there's no reason for a shutdown.

>> to make the most of their free time furloughed federal workers will be stationing themselves at the closed monuments as stand in tour guides to help tourists looking for places still open during the shutdown. you see the clock there as well. it's a constant running count up, no longer counting down as this thing is underway. more than a