TODAY   |  October 01, 2013

Can a Slinky keep your gutters clear?

Bruce Lubin, author of “Who Knew? 10,001 Solutions to Everyday Problems,” shares his favorite fall tips, like using a Slinky to keep your gutters leaf-free and freezing a shampoo-water mixture to double as a tailgate-friendly ice pack and a post-game cleanser.

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>>> the kids are back in sports. the leaves are changing, falling, tailgating is in full swing but enough about hoda's sex life . fall is a great time of year when it comes to annoying everyday habits.

>> annoying, great word. from raking the leaves to keeping your kid's lunch box fresh. we have tips to helping you out.

>> that's great with hoda's sex life .

>> hey.

>> let's talk about getting rid of leaves. we love fall. we hate the leaves. we hate them in the gutter. take an old school slinky.

>> you got an slinky there.

>> of course, we do an old school slinky. and attach it like this.

>> and hook it.

>> who's looking into your gutters? about this far. attach this here. okay?

>> okay.

>> like -- come on bruce. like this. now what happens, and these leaves will not --

>> they can't get in there to begin with.

>> there's no overflowing into your leaves. you can also put them in the spouts if you like. but nobody is really looking in your gutter.

>> you there go.

>> but really --

>> exactly, another thing with leaves is raking okay. what happens, the bag falls in. if one you have would sort of hold that for me.

>> we're going to bungee cord it?

>> we're going to bungee cord it like this. hold the garbage can. now look what you can do. now all your leaves can go in. what's nice here, they're all fake.

>> and they're not wet.

>> they're not wet. this is the way to do it. this will not fall. back-to-school tips you're sick of making your kids' lunch already a month into it and you know they're not eating their fruit. which they don't. you want to take a rubber band , cut it up, it's bite size, it's not brown and the kids will the key it because they don't eat the full thing.

>> kids are picky.

>> kids are picky. also, the thermoses are probably disgusting because they get --

>> icky.

>> right.

>> you want to use eggshells and vinegar. shake it up. and then when you're done, you can put sugar cubes in either, seal these up and there are no more smells.

>> sugar cubes will --

>> exactly right.

>> be sure to throw those out before you use it.

>> indeed. indeed. let's talk about tailgating, we want to show you how never to lose your spot in a tailgate, how to get your kids clean because they roll around in the grass like disgusting animals. and most importantly how to keep your beer cold. take a little shampoo. fill it with water. freeze this.

>> why?

>> because this is now an ice block to keep your beer cold. more than that, before the game now, this will have unfrozen, the kids are rolling around like little beasts.

>> it's like purell.

>> you can clean up the little nose pickers. and if they get a stain on their jersey.

>> yes, they did.

>> there's a little mustard. you get rid of that, the excess. and then a little shaving cream. like this in about five minutes the alcohols in this will raise -- raise the stain out. by the time you get home, the stain should be gone. if it is not gone, what you're going to do is spray -- pardon my finger here --

>> is this vinaigrette?

>> this is detergent and peroxide.